I Hate Clowns

Just browsing on the net, I came across the website dedicated to hating

clowns. Here is the link to it http://www.ihateclowns.com/

I loved it. I hate clowns. I think people are fun, and clowns are some kind of aliens. I mean, they hide their faces under weird paint, wear some kind of funny nose and wigs. When I was little, a clown came and sat down next to me while I was having candy floss at a fair. It scared me so much that I dropped the darn candy floss. My parents actually clicked a picture of me looking daggers at the clown and trying to shift away from IT on the bench. They even thought we made a cute picture and they had it framed. I had to see it in their room for a long long time, that is, until I pushed it off the dresser and the frame broke. Thank God no one saw me do it – otherwise I would have been punished.

People especially funny people with twinkling eyes and a kind smile are s much more approachable. I have often seen kids bawl, cringe, and in extreme cases run away from the Mickey Mouse costumed clown or the Charlie Chaplin. They are intimidated by the weird alien. One really does not have to don a funny costume to bring a smile to a kid’s face.

They even sell T Shirts like the one in the picture.13603_135295_1_big1.jpg


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