Endearments and food

This is the time of political correctness. Words are supposed to be used with great caution. For a person coming from Punjab the concept is totally alien. Just consider this – Fat is uncool and we have Punjabi endearments like Gur vakkan mithi, and my all time favorite Sohneyo, Makhan de doneyo. One of my uncles was a typical Punjabi and would always call me his rabri malai!!! What calorific love!!! It got me thinking, do all regional languages have such terms? I don’t know. What I do know is that in America in the south terms like sugar, honey bun, sweet cake etc are used, much to the disgust of the rest of America which is bland and politically correct.

I remember squirming when my Uncle called me rabri malai and protesting – Chachu either you’ll give me diabetes or make me a fat auntyji. But a few endearments thrown in express love, and also make this world a pleasanter place. Of course the other form of endearments like Harbhajan’s “Teri Maa Ki” also add colour to the world and become subject for hot discussion in the front pages of leading dailies :). I am not getting into that here. It has been discussed threadbare in other blogs!!!!

I had gone recently to visit some people who are very propah and upper-crust. Now I am very uncomfortable around the “cultured” sort of people as I am quite the opposite. An hour spent in such rarified atmosphere is a bit too much thank you. Over a cup of tea with a twist of lemon, the lady was complaining about the rustic terms used by the common people. It is not acceptable or politically correct – she said. I wonder ….. is political correctness another word for intolerance? The world is growing smaller … and then there is the internet which connects us to people of various cultures. A few “honeys” and “sweetness” thrown in will definitely make the going smoother and sweeter……. and may be chubbier 🙂


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