Sibling Rivalry

Aaaah, it really brings back memories. My brother, a year younger to me, would blackmail me into doing his home work and then bash the shit out of me for coming first in class. I was no sissy either. Being female, there used to be a plot in the revenge I would extract. The funniest thing I ever did to him was waiting for the rain to cover this enormous pot hole (which he didn’t know about of course). One day my dream came true before the road repair dudes found it. Then I dared him to ride his bike as fast as he could through the puddle. He looked at me in distrust (I really don’t know why! 🙂 ). So I called him a sissy and that did the trick. He hit that puddle full force, then found the pothole….his cycle stopped and he kept going with his arms splayed out!!! It was comical. I laughed so hard. He ran home before I could intercept him, and snitched. Got a good old fashioned butt whippin for that one!!!!! Ooooh the memories 😀

Honestly he was such a sneaky pesky brat. He once found me in a not so nice situation (which he wouldn’t have if he weren’t snooping on me) and threatened to tell our parents. I totally lost it and the fight started in the back lawn ….. continued into the house and spilled into the front yard. The servants and the neighbour hosed us down with a pipe. He was like totally cowed down, covered with scratches, bite marks ….. I had a black eye, a bloody nose, my T Shirt was torn, and I was still bashing the shit out of him in jeans and a bra!!!!! To paraphrase one of my uncles who would routinely refree the fights we cousins had with each other —- he must’ve been a Conan and Ben Hur fan

“Attack the opponent, crush the enemy, kill them, make them flee, and hear the lamentations of their women A A A A K R A M A NNNNNNN!”

Sibling Rivalry ……… I spaced my own two sons – there is an 8 year gap between the two of them. I thought it would make the going easier. But it does kick in early. I really don’t know who has the advantage on whom. Kid #1 is fitter and stronger physically but simpler – Kid # 2 is larger, sly, and a snitch. So I guess it is evenly matched. Who needs TV when you have live entertainment like that to enjoy?


Kids now a days watch a whole lot of wrestling, know things like choke holds, arm locks and such like stuff, but good old fashioned dangal is beyond them after a certain point. I never had to rush them to the emergency ward. My two brats broke the bed, covered it up with the mattress, and “forgot” all about it. When I sat on it with my cup of tea in the evening after work, I sank into it and scalded myself with the tea. I yelped in pain and the Ba@#$!ds ran in, looked at me and laughed and laughed and laughed.

Of course now they are adults and content themselves by passing sarcastic comments on each other, or walling themselves up in stony silence. What do you know, soon they will end up respecting each other and actually calling each other Bhai Sahib instead of unprintable names.


17 thoughts on “Sibling Rivalry

  1. ritz lolllllllllllll[:p][:d] first let me tell ya was a living life backwards experience for me tho my bro is 9yrs older to me but does age matter…i wonder ..rivals will be rivals ..and i see it all in my two sons keep their honour they wud not only call unprintable names they wud do unprintable things too hehhehehe ..excellent …keep going…
    as for home entertainment ..picture abhi baki hai meri dost [:p]

  2. There must be something about sibling rivalry that one cherishes in later life. I can only yearn for it when I see siblings being what siblings should be.

    Thank you, Ritu. It brought a tear to my eye.

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  6. Oh my you were something! People had to hose you down! Rofl You in your bra and jeans… and still fighting. Priceless!!! You do have patience though. You waited for the rain to fill the pot hole. 😆

    I too thought there would be less sibling rivalry with the 6 year difference between my kids. But they made up for it by evening things out, the elder one acted younger by a few years and the younger, older by a few.
    Sadly I was a total dreamer spending time daydreaming and with my books. I was always in some other world (Neptune perhaps?) and got into trouble with parents for being forgetful. But missed out on sibling fights which were mostly between the bro and the sis as also the friendship 🙂

    • Yeah, sibling fights do lead to closeness. We were thick as thieves but had to fight too. OMG I could write a book on the pranks we got into Hmmm may be I will.

      As for my sons, well, now they gang up against me, and when they fight, its cold war baby, complete with addressing each other as “Bhai Sahib” and “Sir” and being oh-so-dignified/pompous. I munch popcorn and watch. If I open my mouth, I become target Read the other post on sibling rivalry

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  9. Ah! Well! My sis had a tongue that could raise blisters 🙂 Did not need any fisticuffs 🙂

    So, your kids did not need to go to hospital but you nearly did, huh? 🙂

    • I did, stitches, broken bones, the works! My mother kept praying that I would not scar my face, nearly lost an eye. Had to be stitched up. Was trying to swing from one tree to another …

      I was not your run of the mill, normal docile girl child. Ma often said, sab kuch chalte hain iskey – zubaan, haat pair ….

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