Mom’s Revenge !!!!!

Having kids is a costly folly

All the credit I can get

My kids have a shopping hobby

And I get into debt

Ma Ma say most babes without guile

Mine gurgled and said Vi Sa with a smile

They’ve got PhD in shopping

I’ve got bankruptcy in offing

From Xbox to Iphones

And branded clothes and gizmos

They buy the best they can get

My banking is a mess

I dream on and plot my vengeance

God please grant me tons of patience

When they give me grandchildren

I’ll train them to be shopping mavens

They’ll learn to ride escalators

As soon as they can crawl

Every waking moment

I’ll take them to the mall

When they are in their teens

Kings of shopping or Queens

I’ll suggest they be given credit cards

To fulfill all their dreams

My boys will fume my boys will cry

Much to my weary heart’s delight

I’ll train the darlings to cruise every aisle

And charge goodies to Dad’s card with a smile

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