The Elusive ‘G” Spot

Turns out men start searching early for it, but never find it!!!!!!

Flashback to dinner table at home some time ago ….

Kid#2 : Mom what’s a ‘G’ Spot

Kid#1 : Blank expression

Me : (faintly as I recover from trying to swallow my own tongue) Ummm why do you ask

Kid#2 : Because I want to know … duh !!!

Me : Looking at Kid #1 for rescue while he tries to look deeply interested in a TV commercial : Ummm,…….. uhunh,………… lemme see …….. how shall I put it ……….

Kid #2 : Is it a place or something …. you know like Bermuda Triangle ?

Me : Giggle …… yeah I guess it is ….. giggle

Kid #2 : Bhai, do you know where it is ?

Kid #1 : (indignantly) No I don’t!!!!

Kid #2 : I’ll mail Dad and ask. He ought to know

Me : My dear son, your father knows just as much as you do about it.

Kid #2 : I know nothing about it

Me : (With a smirk) Exactly

Kid #1 : Ma, kab sudharogi ???? (When will you behave)

Both of them exchange glances, eye rolls and shoulder shrugs

Subject dropped

32 thoughts on “The Elusive ‘G” Spot

  1. What’s the difference between a girl’s G-spot and a golf ball?

    A man will spend hours looking for the golf ball!

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  5. Hilarious!!! Good Job done. But then what makes you so sure that males never find it.?? Some of us are smart enough i guess. What say

    I wrote that ” men start searching for it but never find it”. If you have been a successful explorer, more power to you

  6. You will have me die laughing Ritu!! :-))))))) This post takes the cake. Omigosh, I still cannot stop laughing….!!!

    😀 This entire conversation actually took place

  7. ha ha ha… that was a nasty way to change the topic…

    LOLLL Bachey, option hi nahin tha, for any other way! Not that I regret it


  8. This was funny! I like your blog. You have a wicked sense of humour. I suppose looking for the G spot is like hunting for the Holy Grail!!

    Yeah! I guess it is 😆

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