My membership badge

Blogadda wants me to paste this image on my blog until a human can vet my blog and approve it. blogadda.png I thought it would look snazzy on my sidebar – but have no clue how to put it there. So I am putting it as an image over here (I know how to upload stuff)

2 thoughts on “My membership badge

  1. Let me tell you how to add the image to your blog’s sidebar:
    Yours is a blog, isn’t it? So, go to your dashboard, then point to Design -> Widgets. On the left side of the page that open, there will be a list of available widgets. Choose ‘Text’. A new text widget will be displayed at the bottom of the ‘right hand list’ (which displays the widgets you have used).
    After that, click ‘edit’ on the newly created widget. Then give your widget a heading, and beneath that, paste the code you got from After that, click on ‘save changes’ and visit your blog. The badge would have been added.
    Simple! 🙂

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