Growing old is mandatory, growing up …. optional

So another year gone by, and another set of wrinkles to contend with …. sigh!!! The sad part is that the inner me simply refuses to believe that I have grown old become middle aged. Dammit, I refuse to grow old gracefully how so ever much my sons and dil would like me to act my age. I do not know how women my age are supposed to act like – so I guess we have a big big problem. I can not relate to saas bahu serials or the Aastha Chanel. News is okay sometimes … I like watching WWE and ogling at chocolate boy heroes. The only time I am reminded of the fact that I’ll never see 45 again is when my darling boys remind me of it – spoil sports. Cant imagine why I carried them for 9 months each, and then toilet trained them. Should have left them to rot in their soiled diapers.

I dont mind growing old – as if I’ll stop ageing if I mind heh? In my mind’s eye I still look somewhere around 25, so I get a shock when I see my photos. It is like OMG – I cant believe this is me. I guess I better start accepting that this is what I look like, and get it over with. But I still have a lot of life left in me. So I cant sit tamely and embroider or make achars or do whatever women my age are supposed to do.

What is with every one in this youth centric world? Just because a woman reaches a certain age, they start acting as though she can not exert herself or even look after her self outside the kitchen. I went into the office loo and as soon as I locked the door, the darn handle came off in my hand. So I did what any sensible person in my position would do … I finished my business, and then tried to re-attach the handle so that I could walk out. No such luck. So I rang up the housekeeper and explained my predicament. Once he understood what had happened, he was much amused and told me to stay put while he unscrewed the lock. I waited for about 5 minutes and then rang him up again. …….

Me : Sumerji, kya hua

Him : Madamjee, hum ladeej bathroom ke bahar hi hain. Abhi wait kariye (accompanied by many male giggles)

Shit, I wonder, how many people are outside – dont they have work to do???

Well the tone of his voice was so irritating that I took matters in my own hand. I opened the window and tried to climb out into the balcony. As luck would have it, my shoe fell off my foot inside the bathroom. I was standing in the window sill trying to decide whether to jump out regardless … or jump back into the bathroom barefoot (horrors!!!) when the lock got unscrewed and door opened. The man walks in (he is older than me by at least two years) and starts scolding me “Aap ladeej log najuk hote ho. Aap ko is umar mein aise kaam nahin karne chahiye. Your bones will crack or you will hurt yourself somehow!!!” The Haryanavi MCP to the core!! I somehow manage to smile, hop in on one foot, quickly slip the other into the darn shoe and walk out thanking him with poor grace.

Excuse me, I am not NAJUK. I grew up with a whole lot of brothers, real and cousin, and was known to terrorise the entire lot of them and have defeated them many times in boyish games. That was then and this is now I guess …

I can soooo empathise with this lovely quote:

“I refuse to admit I’m more than fifty-two, even if that does make my sons illegitimate” Nancy Astor

2 thoughts on “Growing old is mandatory, growing up …. optional

  1. I really like the way you have put it. Yes, I too do feel so many a times. My mind hasn’t aged, my body is nearly gone šŸ˜€ Well written!

  2. Thanks Nancy. The point is that every one including your own kids start behaving as if you are doddering and senile and should retire. My question is “Retire and do what???”

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