Of spell-check and fantasy

In the good old days of yester years, my parents used to spell out things so that us lesser beings would not comprehend. Otherwise they used massive words. That worked out well in the end any way since my spellings are excellent and I have a massive massive vocabulary. That is quite understandable if you had parents who would say “Shall we pause to deliberate on the reactions of juniors if we procure tickets for the latest entertainment on celluloid?” Well, that was my Dad. Thanks to him I figured out what copulation meant long before I should have. It is also thanks to him that I chose English Literature as my chosen subject for graduation and post graduation. Mom did not have such a huge vocabulary, so she would spell stuff like I-C-E-C-R-E-A-M and M-O-V-I-E.

I opted for a more creative style. The parents and in-laws used to frown heavily on drinking, so when I caught Kid #1 raising his glass of milk up and saying Cheers with a happy smile, I gently corrected him and said “Cheers nahin, Kursiyan” and of course Gin would never be gin, it would be accompanied with its cousins Bhoot and Pret. So it would be, Papa Loves Ber but Mama likes Gin, Bhoot and Pret. Don’t knock it, it actually worked for a while. If we needed some alone time, I would put them to bed with a lovely story about how the poor stars were being overshadowed by the moon, and so were tired. They needed the boys to go sleep with their grandmother while they rested. Mom and Dad would ensure that the stars got enough sleep. I know, terribly lame, but hey, it worked and we got a kid-free evening ;).

Of course, when Kid#2 came along, the stories got more fantastic and full of extra terrestrials and universal wars. They grew older and so did the tales. Now Kid#1 is training to be a pilot, though in his imagination, he’s flying a spaceship …… Kid#2 has just got into engineering and wants to be a researcher …. Bio-bombs anyone??

It is also the reason why both the boys love anime and have taught themselves enough Japanese to follow all the fantastic plots that their latest purple/pink haired TV playmates live in. AXN ki Jai Ho

4 thoughts on “Of spell-check and fantasy

  1. Also Kid#1 writes sci-fi!!!
    Should I blame mom for it??? Or maybe should think about the fact that my mom’s spellng out everything did not work that well. Since I once went to my father in front of his mother and said mom wants you to buy some C-I-G-A-R-E-T-T-E-S. My fathers face paled and he put his head down and walked out while my grandfather smiled approvingly and said “This boy can really spell!”

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