Crazy Times in Lok Sabha

I am putting a disclaimer here : I am not a politically savvy person so I am giving below my views – as an apolitical spectator

Yesterday, like millions and millions all over the country, I was glued to the television in the evening watching the unfolding of the intense drama in the parliament. This is the country where Saas Bahu serials enjoy the highest TRP ratings, this is the country where people actually lit incense before the airing of the Ramayana on Sundays on television and watched the episode seated on the floor barefoot. We love drama and yesterday we got total paisa vasool kind of drama.

At 4 p.m. the entire nation witnessed the unfortunate charges of horse-trading and people from one party flashed wads of currency that would support an entire village for a year, and shouted their accusations against another party. Then a wheeler dealer from another party shouted his defense. I found it totally over-the-top but thoroughly entertaining. I don’t know how true their accusations were, or what the story is. It made good television. Then of course came the voting which ended in a nail-biting finale. Very interesting.

I asked a few of my colleagues about the nuclear deal which was thrown up by the news channels – people actually are frightfully vague about it. If you want to learn more about it read this. It does not seem to be harmful in the least – in fact it appears to be good for us.

My point in all this is that the entire brouhaha yesterday reminded me of the British sitcom “Yes Minister”. I actually thanked heaven for the Sir Humphrey Appleby’s of India who even though they use bland obstructionism, ingenious evasions and display a mastery of the process known to its practitioners as “Creative Inertia.”, but at least they are the backbone of the country and hold it steady while the dramatists hold sway in the Lok Sabha.


6 thoughts on “Crazy Times in Lok Sabha

  1. That is the term used by Sir Humphrey Appleby … I simply loved that character – pity the serial is not aired here any more

  2. Hey nice post. I found the whole thing quite shocking. I mean they know the nation is watching and they behave like that, imagine what they must be like when the cameras are off!

  3. Yeah @ Rohini, I remember watching a fight in the Bihar assembly when MLAs threw furniture and mikes at each other. Pathetic really!!

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