Welcome to my world

As a family, we have a full house. Moi, yours truly, the Lady of the House (also nicknamed Tantrum by her ungrateful spawn), the elder boy nicknamed Changez Khan by his younger sibling whom he bullies constantly , and who in turn has nicknamed the younger one Dustbin (since he is always hungry and can eat just about anything. There is The DIL (also nicknamed Jhansi Ki Rani) for the strength of her tantrums by her loving husband and mother in law. If this wasn’t full house, we have our pet brats/fur babies, two dogs, Jeannie, the German Shepherd aged 1 year and Piper, the dachshund, just 5 months old. Well, you get the picture? It is insanity 101. Added to this very interesting mix is our full time domestic help, a Nepali boy, who speaks Hindi with a generous dose of Punjabi, and insists that he does not know Punjabi. He assures us that he can only speak Hindi 🙂

In the background are DIL and the Nepali househelp

The dogs are wonderful. I was not much of a dog person until my sons started bringing home strays. I was quite a cat person. My ex once said in a nasty mood … “that is because you are catty!” … Oh big deal, he hated animals. I have a theory, people who cant relate to animals are incapable of love …. but I digress. There is no animal as selfless and loving as a dog. I can remember a time when my boys were clingy and wanted to feed me their half eaten soggy biscuits and candy. Dogs are born like that and they never outgrow that stage. Jeannie was about four months old when Kid#1 got Piper home. They took to each other at first sight. I think Piper thought Jeannie was his mother or something. Jeannie was amazingly patient with him.  Now its changed somewhat.  Jeannie is quite possessive and doesn’t like the competition, and since she is huge in comparision, she intercepts your petting. When any of us bend down to pet the dogs, she stands on top of Piper so that she gets all the caresses, and if he whines, she growls at him. That is true vintage sibling rivalry. Reminds me of my days as bratty elder sister as I described here.

They are a handful, and thank heavens our live in Nepali-who-speaks-Punjabi loves them to bits. Otherwise it would have been difficult.

Yes it is Kid#2's bed, and no I dont allow that, but who listens?

Yes it is Kid#2's bed, and no I dont allow that, but who listens?

The most priceless thing Jeannie did was … no not her lovely gift to me of a half chewed body part of some indetermined animal … but her desperate attempts at not letting us go out of home on Diwali with an expression which said “You Loons, the world outside is going crazy. Just stay home and safe!!” while she kept pulling at our new grand diwali clothes.

Doggie bonding


8 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. cho chweet……. u seem to be having a lovely bonded family and i love the dogs…

    “I have a theory, people who cant relate to animals are incapable of love ….” I so agree with this both my mom and my mil say that hate dogs and ask them how… how can u hate a dog… most loving and loyal animal

  2. Yes they are … and when you get to my stage in life when I am dealing with the empty nest, their uncomplicated love helps a lot

  3. Theory about people not loving animals, seconded with several proofs.

    My cast iron test about people is if your pets like them. If yes, they are o k folk, if not ,stay away.

  4. heh,putting the cam to good use mum. . . the pictures are a nice touch to the the discription of the madhouse as i know it and love it. . . .

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