My elder son's wedding Part 1

I have got inspired by Mad Momma’s hilarious post on her wedding video, and so here is the fruit of this inspiration. I got married in the dark ages, colour tv was years away, and so mercifully was spared of creative licence taken by video cameramen. The only weird stuff I have is a very theatrical shot of my mehendi covered hands with ex’s face smack in the middle.

Kid#1 was not so lucky {insert evil grin} Being born in the age where phone cameras and instant recording are the norm, he simply did not have a chance. Kid#1 is reserved and did not show much interest in the opposite sex. It became a matter for concern to me since Kid#2, 8 years his junior reached his teens and discovered girls in a big way. Then the unexpected happened. Kid#1 declared that he had fallen in love ….. an announcement which led to much hysterical merriment from Kid#2 and me. No I am describing it all wrong. Let me begin again ………………       🙂            🙂

Gentle sounds of Backstreet Boys instead of Savage Garden are wafting out of Kid#1’s room. I walk in surprised and concerned, closely followed by Kid#2

Me : Are you okay

Kid#1 : Yeah I guess so (accompanied by goofy smile)

Kid#2 : Dude your taste in music has become bad, It sucks!!!!

Me : Nah, I think it’s improved. Wassup?

Kid#1 : I dunno …. Something is happening to me …. I feel kinda different

Me : Tummy upset ?

(Don’t knock it, in my years of child rearing I have found that Digene solves many a problem)

Kid#1 : (Dreamy eyed and all smiley ) No ……

Kid#2 : (Looking horrified) What’s wrong with you – you look corny

And rushes to the p.c. to change the music to some rock

Kid#1 : No, don’t. Just let Backstreet Boys play

Both of us : WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU??????

Kid#1 : I think I am in love

Total stunned silence … both Kid #2 and I exchange surprised glances and burst into giggles. I try to stifle the giggles and ask

Me : When ? Who?? Are you aware that you need a female to fall in love with?

Kid#2 : Why?

Kid#1 : It is {insert DIL’s name}. I asked her to marry me.

Me : Huh!!? Excuse me? Arent you supposed to say you are in love, date for a while and then propose?

Kid#1 : (With idiotic grin on face) I just know its right – so I proposed

Me : (Mentally applying brakes on my hysteria) I am so happy for you, but ……

Kid#2 : Baffled totally : Why? And why are you listening to sappy music?

Me : Totally losing it and clutching my stomach at this point : Ha Ha Ha

Kid #1 : protesting : Ma!!!!!!

Both Kid#2 and I flee from the room


14 thoughts on “My elder son's wedding Part 1

  1. I think the best part of child rearing is the amusement they provide 🙂 My elder son’s constant refrain to me is “Ma Kab sudhrogi tum?”

  2. Oh God Ritu, this is absolutely priceless. Let me move on to the next! BTW, your Kids 1 and 2 seem to resemble sons Senior and Junior of mine except that the goofy smile hasn’t appeared as yet. There is still time of course…. and I am waiting to clutch my tummy and go Hahaha!! 😛

    Heh Heh Shail. They discovered my blog and were shocked! I have made them infamous 😛

  3. how cool is that ? i mean how many mothers except from mine and now you would actually be so cool about it ! i haven’t seen too many of them around.

    Thank you Shalini

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