Kid#1’s wedding video – 26 kisses, tears and a fall

Kid #1 and his bride were on their honeymoon when the photographer rang me up. The album and the cd were ready and could I please get them collected. High time … I thought, and collected them on the way home. Kid#2 and I ordered a pizza for dinner, and sat down to relive the two functions. The wedding video was worth every penny I paid for it.

It began with shots of the bride with the varmaala and the groom all done up in sehra astride the ghodi. They really looked gorgeous. Then the credits rolled ……. DIL d/o etc etc and Kid#1, son of etc etc, venue, date and time – all in comic sans serif font, with a ticker tape running at the bottom of the screen of Kid#1 kissing DIL. Hindu weddings are social events, not exactly the kind of occasion where the priest would announce … “You may kiss the bride” so this was good. Nice footage, I must say.

Just as we were recovering from that one came the shot of DIL being lifted up by her brothers to garland the groom (she is tiny and Kid#1 had been coached to not bend and make it easy for her). As soon as she managed to garland the groom, she yelled a triumphant “Yes” and she staged an impromptu bhangra. Of course that moment was recorded, and put on repeat on a ticker tape at the bottom of the screen.

Whenever stuff got boring and routine on the cd, the photographer, bless his soul, ran a one minute ticker tape of either the kiss or the bhangra.

Then there is routine stuff like the bhangra by Kid#1’s pals when we arrived at the venue – followed by my fall. DIL’s friends and cousins had tied a ribbon at the gate and refused to allow us inside the venue until the groom shelled out some cash. Kid#1’s cousins and pals, caught in the enthusiasm of the moment pushed their way in. I was standing next to Kid#1 and can not balance too well on heels and in a sari. I fell. I guess it was brilliant photo-op, and has been captured for all posterity. Needless to say DIL’s cousins sulked all through the wedding because we had gate-crashed, and the DIL’s family pampered me a lot because I fell. I am glad that the fall wasn’t put on a repeat and on ticker tape. Probably the photographer knew that I was footing the bill and wisely refrained.

There is this unedited footage in slow motion of Kid#1 and DIL sitting down on the stage after the varmaala, my darling son looking totally smitten by his bride and bending down to kiss her. She saw the kiss coming and smartly turned her face so that the kiss landed on her cheek. It is all there … in slow motion. (This is the kiss that has been flashed all through the video).

Two of my aunts have not been getting along too well and all through the one week of wedding celebrations, we had been entertained by sniper fire between the two of them. The grand finale must have happened at the wedding, because there is a shot of one of them in tears, walking away huffily from the other. Pity the music drowned what the other one said … it must have been something!!! Now I will never know.

The vidai scene is touching. DIL was very brave and kept assuring every one that she was just moving to the next block of houses – so what’s the big deal … that is until her father hugged her. Then the water works started.

The cd ends with a shot at centre-screen of the kiss, surrounded by mini shots of DIL doing the bhangra.

In short, the cd was total paisa vasool.

It was eleven p.m. but I could not resist. I rang up the honeymooners and said

Me : Heyy, been watching your wedding cd right now

Kid#1 : How’s it?

Me : You kissed DIL on the stage and it’s all over the cd

Kid#1 : (After a moment of stunned silence) I did???

Me : Yeah, and it’s been repeated more than 26 times.

Kid#1 : (horrified) No way!

Me : Yup I counted

I simply love the cd …. and can watch it time and again. Of course I look forward to grossing their offsprings totally by making them view it when they are teenagers 🙂


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