In defense of being a WWE fan

I love watching WWE, and can totally empathise with Zohra Sehgal in her fabulous Cameo in Cheeni Kum!! She is hasseled by AB’s behaviour and watches WWE mushtande, gabru men and taunts her bachelor son all the while bullying him to go to the gym. She is tactful, spunky and full of crass humor. Old wine and an even older bottle. Yeah, and she even threatens to leave him and go to Haridwar … something I do pretty regularly – though my sons turn around at tell me that I am a total fraud. In my defense, I developed a taste for WWE when I bonded with my sons, sitting and cheering Triple H, Rock and others.

One might view the WWE as nothing but a combination of gymnastic moves, extensive training and dedication bundled with muscular structure and poise. However, if you really look at what they do and how they do it this really is a tough sport. One night you take two bumps, the next night three, the night after that a chair shot, the week after that a suplex on the concrete. You may be bruised, a bit achy, and then maybe 5-10 years down the road and you can’t walk. This is a serious sport!

In defence of watching WWE

  1. I love the muscular athletes : the mushtande are good eye candy
  2. I watch it for entertainment value. It’s funny, and even sometimes really dramatic. Like for example seeing a real-life backstage drama being exploited on TV, which has been done numerous times.
  3. Wrestling is not a combat sport, it’s not real fighting, it’s just a form of entertainment. It is immensely popular and I watch for that, entertainment as movies
  4. The matches are scripted, full of athleticism, amazing high flying moves, hardcore brawling and/or scientific mat wrestling or holds along with the over the top interveiws and compelling storylines that can hold your attention..
  5. Even the women wrestlers are good eye candy. A good athlete is a pleasure to watch.
  6. I’m a sucker for huge pops/crowd reactions because sometimes they can just be so awe inspiring to see thousands and thousands of people on their feet screaming their hearts out.
  7. The catch lines “If you smelllllllllll what the Rock is cooking!!!” and others.



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