Planning a career – our style :)

People who have been dropping by on this blog know quite a few things about me … like I am divorced, mother to two sons, a daughter in law, two dogs and a whole lot of humans befriended by all the above – to the extent that my sons have started calling me MATESHWARI or JAGAT MATA. It is also known that I suffer from foot-in-mouthitis, but most people forgive me since I mean no harm – my foot just somehow manages to land in my mouth neatly shod in appropriate footwear as well as clad in a pair of trousers or salwar. Oh well – I never claimed to be perfect. They also forgive me because I am a great cook and love to feed friends. Those that don’t forgive me are those that did not get to feast on my Aloo Meat or Rajmah heh!!!

Another thing about me is that I just don’t know how to plan or even anticipate things at all. In my defense I plead that it saves me a whole lot of tension and disappointment. I don’t plan and have just wandered through life for the past 45+ years and it has turned out okay. I have somehow made ends meet and brought up two extremely adorable sons (I know, I am biased, but what the hell, my blog right?) My point is that I am absolutely in awe of people who have planned their life six to eight years ahead. Wow!!! When I am asked “Where do you see yourself five years hence” I go blank. I don’t even know where I will be in the next one hour. I may be dead, I may be pole dancing on the terrace, I may be sharing extremely intimate moments with Vin Diesel …yeah – kuch zyada ho gaya – but my blog ….. and a woman’s got the right to dream…………

I never planned my career … just meandered into the one I have right now. Kid#1 is a chip off the old block. He changed two lines to finally settle down to being a pilot. As is normal in our home, decisions are taken – not planned.

Kid#1 and DIL had gone out for a party a week after their roka. They rang up a friend of theirs for help as the car had met with an accident. Of course, the friend told me and naturally I hotfooted to the location. My darling son had driven the car on to the divider on the road. When I reached there – the car was being brought down and there was an audience of interested people wondering how that had been achieved. I could have told them – it was extremely obvious that the love-struck couple had been engrossed in each other were necking while driving. Thank God the damage wasn’t much and more importantly, they were safe, so I exited the panic mode and gave them a scold instead, that is all.

A few days later, he tells me – “I think I want to quit this dead-end steady, soul destroying secure job and become a pilot. What do you think?

I thought for a minute and said

“There are no road dividers in the sky hai na? Chalega”



19 thoughts on “Planning a career – our style :)

  1. Bugzie, how did that happen? I am offended – my aloo meat is a mouth watering experience … so when are you coming for dinner?

    Alankrita – mebbe we got seperated at the kumbh ka mela hunh?

    Thanks Dipali

  2. LOL @ Sky mein dividers nahin hain na – chalega !! Too good 😀

    I love your attitude Ritu. Honestly – take things as they come. And your sense of humor too :).

  3. Thanks Gauri. Honestly God has a corny sense of humour and life has soooo many variables that making plans is just like inviting providence to eff it up. I opted out of that one.

    Mayur – it may work for the Vin Diesel type of plans too LOL, since it works for every thing else

  4. You’ll have to fight me for Vin Diesel. And man – you give me hope. if you can write abt kid#1 necking and live to write another post… well then i can write abt potty training and not be fed to the vultures…

  5. MM The trick is that I never ever ever give them a link to my blog – and then I can write freely about anything, their necking and my fascination for WWE and muscular gabrus like Vin Diesel heh

  6. Great post!I seriously doubt whether you are forty+ because your writing looks really young.

    I am forty plus – but I guess I never grew up. My sons think they are my parent heh!

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