I Gallop Yee Haw!!!

I went to the mall yesterday … something that I rarely do – what with two college going children and pockets to let. Yeah I avoid it since I suffer from the “Me wants everything” syndrome. There was a huge amount of people in the lobby trying out massage chairs and other stuff from Osim. I have a foot massager from this company so I hung around checking out the products and I saw the iGallop priced at a whopping Rs.35,000/-. The brochure says this

Tone, Shape, Fun

  • Get toned
    Regular sessions on the iGallop will tone up your abdominal, back and thigh region.
  • Correct your posture
    Good posture is essential in preventing back aches and strain. It also makes you look tall and confident.
  • Lose weight
    The continuous exercise burns energy and helps you burn away unwanted flabs.
  • Build strength
    Strong muscles also improve your metabolism rate, increasing the burning rate of stored fats.

It also uses scantily clad ladies to sell this. The sales guy latched on to me and assured me that I could get this on instalments. Hmm, nice though I would only shell out if it came bundled with The Rock aka Scorpion King and a country western bar. I saw some kids riding on it – they were having fun, though it threw one of them off when the other pushed the speed to a higher level.  Nice!!  Now all they need is to add some options or frills – like the surface around the unit. People could choose between air mattress or rubber mat (and for the more adventurous ones…mud, jello, whip cream, and foam) – geedy up horsey!

No, I did not try to ride it …. was tempted but it was the lobby of a mall for godsake!!!

or the more sexy one


6 thoughts on “I Gallop Yee Haw!!!

  1. lol ritu ..how glad am I that its not the poor horse ..hehehhee ….I wonder what kind of feelin one gets sittin on it ..lol …mall lobby or not I surely will try this one

    Just be careful you’re not wearing a skirt, me love … a girl was and she sat on it …. the audience participation for that moment was immense LOLLL

  2. YeeHawwww!….I believe a rickshaw ride would do the same as mentioned in the Ad!….and for a fraction of the amount….[:)]

    So very true

  3. Yes ! Am so with Rashmi on this one. In fact when we go over to Bbay – the kids have a nice time riding horsey (going somewhere in a rickshaw).

    That said, yes, I;ve seen a couple of people being quite unceremoniously bumped off the “Osim Horse” here too. Makes me wonder if they’re selling these for toning up the abs et al … or whether its a training session for the rodeo ! 🙂

    For Rodeo one can get a buckin’ bronco at less than half the price !!!!

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