Wearing a saree

Inspired by an ad on TV of guys teleconferencing about wearing a necktie

Six yards of fabric spread on the ground

Six yards of fabric to wrap me around

I pick up one end to see Mom frown

Ahh it has the fall, so it should go down

I hitch the other end around my waist

And turn myself once in quite a haste

I trip on my high heels, fall on the ground

Six yards of fabric to wrap me around

This time I manage to hitch one turn

I’ll fold in the pleats, I’ve got to learn

Mom does it daily, so don’t put me down

Six yards of fabric to wrap me around

I take up a safety-pin to secure the pleats

I jab it into my stomach, it makes me weep

I’d rather wear jeans, sarees I renounce

Six yards of fabric to wrap me around



7 thoughts on “Wearing a saree

  1. Sounds pretty rough!!…but I know you’d look very swanky wrapped up in one…..

    Thanks Rashmi – tho I go to the parlour to get it tied up

  2. I completely agree about the jeans, but it is easier than this to wear! My mum taught me well, methinks- it was needed for formal interviews MBA time.

    I wear them only on formal occaisions, weddings, etc, and get the parlour girls to do it… people say I look elegant, but I feel like a trussed chicken

  3. good, i would have been u would have few words on saree blouse

    Huh!!? Saree blouses are like shirts – easy to wear

  4. well my dear Ritz maybe you shud try the bombay saree which comes with an elastic at the waist..but i wonder if they have it in your size :D…lol.
    am sure you look like a doll in one of them ..talkin abt 6yards ask thoz who wear the traditional nauwari (the nine yard one )lol
    I learned the trick of perfect saree wearing durin my Taj Hotel days but still ..me too would go for jeans anyday ..dressin up for occations is such a task ..hate it ..

    Nah they dont do Bombay Sarees for us women with ample hips sweetie – I really need to gym sigh!!! Six yards is more than enuf – nine yards Gaaaah!!!

  5. Much as I love my sarees and enjoy wearing them, nowadays they have become a wardrobe full of guilt, as I hardly wear them, and occasions for saree wearing are now few and far between. And to think I was once happily wearing them everyday, even staying at home. Bah. Too lazy now.

    At the risk of getting bashed up by sari lovers I made six of them into curtains in my home … they sure look plush!!! Now I have some space in my wardrobe for plebian salwar kameezes and trousers.

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