Some Bollywood Dialogues I like

I am hopelessly addicted to the wonderful blog Calcutta Chromosomes for my daily dose of Bollywood. I am like this only heh – I need tadka, I need mirch masala and I need Bollywood. He has written about seeti bajao dialogues both male and female. It inspired me to list some which are my favorites. One very important movie for its mast taaliyan type dialogues was Musafir starring Sunjay Dutt and Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Manjrekar. Some of those dialogues even became ringtones for a while.

Sunjay Dutt as Billa to Anil Kapoor when the latter throws attitude : Abbey saaley, takdeer teri chutti pe, aur maut tere sir pe…par baatein aise karta hai ki jindagi tere bistar pe………

Other gems by Sunjay Dutt to Anil Kapoor in this movie :
Jhar ke piche heroine ke sath nachne ki khujli nahi hoti tu villian ban sakta tha BILLA ban sakta tha

Film mein villain hero ko tension deta hai par yahan tu hero hi villain ko tension de raha hai ?

Bol Goa main sab kaisein hain? Papa kya layen yahan say tere liye ?

Sanjay Manjrekar to Sameera Reddy : Too bhi bathroom mein, Ye bhi bathroom mein, Dono mil kar bathroom ki tanki saaf kar rahey the ?

Billa kills a man in front of the man’s son.

Henchman to Billa : Billa Bhai is bachey ka kya Karen

Billa (After some deep thought) Chodh do, Jap bees saal baad apney baap ka badla leney ayega, tab khelenge is sey.

Another gem from this movie is : POLICE ASLI HO YA NAKLI AATI HAMESHA LATE HAI

Of course the very slick comedy Pyaar Ke Side Effects which actually gave break up ke side effects which went like this …..

Breakup Ka Side effect no.1
Aapko bahut rona padega…ya jitna rooenge utna breakup se bahar aaenge..i know hame rona nahi aata…but then..we have to listen to sad songs…

Breakup Ka Side effect no.2
Ex girlfriend ko bhulne ke liye bhaut sari shopping karni really helps..maine 15 hazar ki ghadi lee hai aur 25 hazar ke speaker’s…Ofcourse on installments..but i feel AWESOME!!!

Breakup Ka Side effect no.3
Breakup ke baad aap har raat apne dosto ke saath ..ghumne, peene aur party karne jaaoge…as for me, Freedom!!!!…AM BACK

Breakup Ka Side effect no.4
Aapko suddenyl doosri ladkiyo main zaada interest aane lagega..and why not ? Loha he Lohe ko kaata hain.. hehehe

Breakup Ka Side effect no.5
Aapko sari anniversaries yaad rehti hai..
Aaj Trish ka birthday hain aur muje pehle baar yaad hain.”

And the very awesome coffee sequence which adds a totally new dimension to a simple cup of coffee. Sid, the character played by Rahul Bose goes to drop Baby Doll Vol. 3, an item girl played by Sophie to her flat and is “invited in for a coffee”. The comedy is situational and the innuendo very obvious …

Item Girl: What kind of coffee do u like?
Sid: Hot.
Sid: What kind of coffee do u like?
Item Girl: Coffee without Milk and Sugar

He cant have her coffee, and walks out while she is still in the kitchen and comes home where Naanu (Ranvir Shorey) asks him about the evening.

Sid confesses : I couldn’t have coffee with her”

and Naanu freaks out “What do you mean you couldn’t have coffee with her? That’s what men take birth for, to drink coffee.

Edited to add

I havent even begun with Omkara – which in my opinion had the most hard hitting dialogues. The movie was total paisa vasool for me. I can watch it over and over again.


4 thoughts on “Some Bollywood Dialogues I like

  1. he he i loved the coffee sequence in pyar ke side effects too… in fact i loved the movie itself… even that sequence in the which the counter is shown for both… initially rahul scores a lot of points and then suddenly malllika starts crying and her counter rolls and rolls to 100 🙂

    That was a very intelligent comedy – I can watch it over and over.

  2. very interesting Ritu …loved pyar ke side effect ..hehehe
    do you remember the dialouge from Sharabi .muchen hon to nathulal jaisi ya phir na hon..
    there are hundreds of them which are so hilarious ..nice one ..

    Ha ha Tiku, cant see moustaches without remembering that one

  3. PKSE was a brilliant movie. Musafir I don’t think I’ve seen. And Omkara is truly amazing- waiting for you to write about it!

    Musafir was of the Kaante genre : I think its a copy of some Hollywood movie. The dialogues were gritty and I loved them. Omkara – simply awesome, must write about it

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