The 10 Different types of women

MS. BECHARI ME: Ever since she was born, she knew that the world was unfair to her.  So she has lived her entire life expecting the worst, and has never been disappointed.  Any thing good that has happened to her has been suppressed, and she keeps grumbling and weeping about the bad world and her bad breaks in life.  Commonly found with a notebook where she keeps tally of all the grudges she has.


MS. NANHI MUNNI GUDIYA: Some time in school, friends and seniors had called her “cute” and she lives for the cuteness.  Her favorite colour is pink, she loves glitter and curls.  Her room is cutesy, with lace and frills and teddy bears.  She normally marries someone much older than her, and is his little girl for the rest of her life.


MS. MOMMA KNOWS BEST: This type decided early in life that her route to success was motherhood, and she sits sublime on the throne.  She rules her minions aka children with a benevolent but iron fist and a generous dollop of home made goodies. No one, not even hubby dear can dislodge her from the throne.  Commonly found on the dining table supervising the diet and vitamins of her children.


MS. BITTER MOM-IN-LAW :  She was Ms. Momma Knows Best in her youth and now her daughters are married and gone away and her darling sons are married.  She blames her daughter in laws for uprooting her from her rightful seat of power.  Commonly found exchanging bitter gossip about her sons’ spouses with other similarly inclined ladies over a cup of tea.


MS. MY DADDY STRONGEST: She was the apple of her father’s eye, his princess.  She grew up knowing that she was special and was the best among her siblings. Then she got married – and now perpetually compares her spouse to her father and finds him failing. She still wears little girl clothes and is known to lapse into baby-talk under extreme emotion. Commonly found throwing tantrums in her house because her husband does not find her as irresistible as Daddy dearest.


MS. LOG KYA KAHENGE :  She also goes by the name Ms. Haw Pata Hai.  This one is scared of popular opinion, she is scared of featuring in gossip of any kind.  She is conventional and holier than thou.  She hates to be judged or be gossiped about but is quick to judge others and gossip about them.  Commonly found as the last one to leave any kind of social gathering to pre-empt others from gossiping about her.


MS. DHARAM KI THEKEDARNI :  Every one quakes when this lady enters the room.  Her holier-than-thou attitude is her weapon.  She is the authority on traditions, values and morals.  Her children are wimpy but perfectly well behaved and execute the most perfect namasteys and touch every elderly pair of feet.  Her husband is quiet and self effacing.  She is well versed in scriptures and is the deciding authority on what is right and wrong.  Commonly found in the neighboring temple for the evening aarati, taking a mental roll call of the absentees whom she has to take to task.


MS KITTY PARTY :   As the name implies, she lives for the rummy sessions and the kitty parties.  She even maintains a diary of the clothes she wore at so-and-so do or the snacks she served at the kitty party she hosted, so that she doesn’t repeat them.  She knows all the gossip in the colony and has an endless collection of recipes for snacks.  She spends the evening updating husband on the news of the neighbours and the non-kitty and non-cards days chatting with her circle of friends on the phone or shopping with them. Commonly found at kitty parties. 


MS. ROOPMATI/MS. FASHIONMATI :  She is lovely and she knows it.  She spends most of her time maintaining that beautiful face, skin and figure.  She knows what is in this season, the colours, the cuts, the trends and the accessories.  She actually has recipes to make her own creams, face packs and hair rinses at home.  She eats right, exercises and makes every effort to pamper the body beautiful.  Is normally the trophy wife of Mr. Moneybags.  Commonly found in the beauty parlour getting expensive treatments.


MS. I AM BETTER THAN ANY MAN :  She was born in a household where her male siblings were treated much better than her, and hence has a big chip on her shoulder.  She grew up with the burning desire to excel at everything and prove that she was better than men.  Must have been a swot in her academic life and is now in a serious career, with men as her subordinates.  Her husband knows his place in the house, and her male colleagues and subordinates know their place in the office.  Commonly found in the board room brow-beating the rest of the board members.


These are the most commonly occuring types – the rest are mixtures


8 thoughts on “The 10 Different types of women

  1. good a mixture too i guess 🙂 but gosh

    “She even maintains a diary of the clothes she wore at so-and-so do or the snacks she served at the kitty party she hosted, so that she doesn’t repeat them”

    cant believe someone can do that

    I actually know one lady who does that 🙂 Yeah, my social life rocks heh

  2. I think I am a mixture too! Maybe most women are mixtures – a bit of this type a bit of that type, also, one changes all the time…but I can never be DHARAM KI THEKEDARNI 🙂 I’ll probably be the one baiting her (if I am trapped in her company, which is unlikely).Ms Nanhi MUnji Gudiya – no never me and never, ever, Ms Bechari me, I PITY self pity!
    But I do have bits of Better then any men-moderated as ‘equal to any man’, and as a NON-working woman..board rooms are cool, but not my cup of tea 🙂 We all are/have been Ms KittyParty and Ms Fashiomati at some time I guess..and there’s plenty of MommaKnowsBest in me, no doubt, but minus the home-made-goodies!

    🙂 All of us are mixtures … that’s what makes it so interesting, but some of us are more one type than another

  3. Far too many “Mixtures ” …LOL
    Like a heady cocktail !
    No wonder people like “Kuch Kuch” or ” Sab Kuch ” 🙂 to go with it.
    Cheers !!

    I’ll drink to that 🙂

  4. brilliant..I LOLed at “Commonly found as the last one to leave any kind of social gathering to pre-empt others from gossiping about her.”

    You have a good sense of humour!

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