My little girl ain’t gonna grow up …. EVER!!

Seriously people, I am having a big attack of giggles.  It doesn’t help that people around me think I am bat-shit crazy and scrunch their noses at me as though I stink like cat’s pee.  It began this morning in the car park at office. One of the perks of being senior management is that I get to come to office sedately at 10 am while the lesser mortals have to clock in at 8:30 am.  I noticed that one of my subordinates came in just after I did.  So I beckoned him to read him the riot act kindly ask him if all was well.  The young man looked as though he had not slept well the night before.  Apparently all was not well.  His little girl, about 8 years old had been given a love letter by one of the dashing boys (also 8 years old) at school.  The love letter was discovered in the child’s bag at home-work time and it led to major commotion in the house.

Alright I admit, I was curious to see what kind of literary masterpiece 8 year olds exchange.  So I was sweet, understanding, sympathised with him and even overlooked the late coming and asked him to show the love-letter to me.  At 11 am he came to my room with a outsized envelop, dropped it on my desk as though it was some half eaten bone the dog dragged in, and left.  I opened the envelop and found a folded sheet of note-book paper.  It had no stick figures holding hands, no ILUVUs, no crayoned flowers, just the name SANDIP written some 30 times or so.  Apparently the beau was so hung up on himself (or knew no other word in written language) that he wrote his name out and handed it to the object of his affections calling it a love letter. I found it funny and kind of cute. 🙂

I picked up the intercom and rang the agitated father, trying to appeal to his saner, rational side.

ME : The note is kind of sweet, and the boy is just eight. 

HIM : I dont regret bringing it to the Principal’s notice.  Such action should not be encouraged.

ME :  They have no idea what this romance shomance is.  Bacche hain ….

HIM : Madamji, you are lucky.  You have two sons.  My little girl has to be protected.

Hunh!? Freaking out like that won’t be of any help whatsoever.  The girl has to grow up – and hopefully develop better taste than narcissistic little boys like that one.  Made me wonder what I would have done.  Well, I guess I would have done a smear job.  I would have just taken the girl aside and explained to her in a serious voice

That SANDIP of yours ? He doesnt wash his hands after going potty and kisses the back side of the dog.  He doesnt even brush his teeth! You need to get yourself better friends

and left it at that.

Phew!!! Protective Dads are crazy!


17 thoughts on “My little girl ain’t gonna grow up …. EVER!!

  1. Same here. Dad is over reacting. I mean, writing SANDEEP many times over is sweet, and letting kids do their thing their way is the way to go!! The kids are just 8. EIGHT!

    I know Rajat. I only mourn the bad taste. In my times I got crayoned hearts with arrows, crayoned flowers, stick figures holding hands. His own name written many times ? Sad! Though I will give points for effort 🙂

  2. Feel sorry for the little girl…with a dad like that!…but hey Ritu, love the fact that you have the staff by their collars!:)

    Perks of the job heh! 😀

  3. i once read a post on some random blog i bumped into abt this mother who has a 3-4 year old son and a little classmate of his gives him a goodbye kiss when he leaves school everyday. a desi mother in the US. so she tells him to tell the girl not to. he tells the girl his mom doesnt like it. she kisses him anyway. mother then threatens him that the police will take him away.
    and all this is a huge blog post, mind you. i later come back and write a post about it because i am shocked that someone would threaten a pre-schooler with police if some girl kisses him. mind you, he isnt kissing her. i dont link up to her though, because i’ve even forgotten where i read it.

    anyway- turns out she used to read my blog too! not a pretty scene. 🙂

    LOLL Mad Momma – seems like I am not the only one who suffers from foot-in-mouthitis 😀

  4. ohh those romances
    Good job, control em when they are young.
    Wow- hey I never got ANY love letters…

    btw, you may get more awards, hike up that signing account.

    I got ’em, lots of them, and my younger brother hated all the attention I got. Ahhh the sibling rivalry 🙂
    Thanks Love, I love awards

  5. Er… 8 year olds in love? Um… I was in love too as an 8 year old, but I think it was with my dogs! 😉

    Pure innocence, and an overprotective dad, just as you have all mentioned. Sad if the school does take action 😦

    Sadly the school did – he just told me the school called the boy’s parents and gave the kid some punishment. But thankfully that is a mild action

  6. And what if someone was to write a letter on similar lines to a grown up er , “girl” ???
    I think it would Still be Cute.
    Bet that papa never even thought of such innovative ideas in his younger days .
    Talk of “suppressed feelings ” : )

    Heyyy that is an angle I did not consider 🙂

  7. ROTFL ! So its not only me ! Can I please meet this dad ? I am his only sympathiser !

    Its happening with my 7 year old angel and a love letter arrived a few days ago. Only in her case she crushed it into a crumple ball and threw it in front of her dad and said “see this”. And then….oh wait, I got the bloggy feeling about this one. he he

    There is just one solution …. do the smear job 🙂

  8. PHew, I am a first timer here, though I have heard of THE phoenixRitu a lot, From Roo’s blog yaar.
    Loved this post of yours MADAMJI, he hehe.
    and i laughed out loud at the smear job. It would come in handy to me too.

    Thank you Manpreet. 🙂

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