Yo Momma's so big and mean, she got Tata on the run

I wonder what Mamatha Bannerjee wanted?  Just to flex her political muscle or was there a bigger plan.  I am not politically savvy, but I do understand that a large enterprise like the one at Singrur would have meant employment, steady income and development for the place.  I read elsewhere that her provocative speeches were just arm twisting tactics aimed at coercing the state government to accept Trinamool Congress’ demand of returning land to the farmers.  The Indian Express says that today a 65 year old farmer named Sushen Santra committed suicide by consuming pesticide. His three sons worked in the Tata ancillaries and the family stands to lose the Rs.300/- a day daily wage earned by each of them.

What makes politicians think that they have no social responsibility?  What makes them act only for vote banks and not for the greater good of the people?  Why do ordinary people and the media make them so powerful?

Tata will go elsewhere, Mamatha will survive.  The farmer will remain dead and his sons unemployed.

3 thoughts on “Yo Momma's so big and mean, she got Tata on the run

  1. Yeah, and i read elsewhere that Tata has been given the hony citizenship of Singapore in recognition of his contribution there. We will honor him when he is dead?? THats the way we indians are.

    We’re Indians Manpreet, we dont like living legends, we shoot em dead and then build monuments in their honour.

  2. Guess its because people like me ( and you ? ) never vote !

    Uneducated and poor people are always exploited like this. Unfortunately they are the main vote bank for politicians too.

    Time we started casting our votes …but oh! How I hate standing in queues ! [:P]

    I feel that they are all unscrupulous and end up never deciding who to vote for …. such an overpopulated country not one one untainted candidate Sheesh!!!

  3. Indian politicians s are by nature very enterprising, industrious, creative and adaptive but they have been incapable of achieving the collective aspirations of their people due to leadership struggles among themselves.

    I am reminded of this story of frogs in a can on a ship and how the Indian frogs were still in the can because each one was trying on its own pulling the others down from escaping, hence none of them got out!

    CP, may be you are right ….. I dunno

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