What I want is an Iphone …… but on my pay packet all I can afford is this

Our fishy addition

Our fishy addition

I have certain issues with creatures that pee and shit in their own living room …… but the boys assure me that they are good feng shui, so I sulkily shelled out graciously agreed to buy them


7 thoughts on “Fishy

  1. Fish are good fun,esp when you are totally stressed out… just watching the colorful beings swim around is total relaxation… try it.

    I agree, they are pretty … but there is no interaction at all. I am used to dogs fawning over us and cats throwing attitude! These beings are something new

  2. …a fishy tale indeed!!!…just don’t fry ’em serve ’em at the dinner table if you lose your cool someday!!!

    Now that is an excellent idea

  3. What do you do when big (ger) creatures that you have had for 8 years decide to pee in their own living room? like my pet hound Shibi who has decided that he needs to scent mark every object inthe house starting now!

  4. not at this age, i think (considering he didn’t do this earlier)… i read somewhere that it could be due to separation anxiety..

    I dont know Usha …. since my dogs have never done that

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