Yup! Another boob post

I am famous.  I have talked about the G-spot, I have talked about cleavages in my blog, and guess what, I’ve become a porn rock star.  The post about the g-spot got over a thousand hits, and the one about cleavages might get to that score one day.  All that fancy education, graduation, post graduation, MBA did not get me the stardom that blogging about natural female assets got me!  My parents would be soooooo proud of me heh!  I am planning to get a pic of Pamela Anderson’s boobies as my chat picture and put the slogan under ’em, “Talk to them girls, I ain’t chatting” for the benefit of the google perverts.

I kid thee not, the google perverts have discovered this blog and are sending me proofs of their undying love for me.  LoverboyAmit91 writes “Your pretty hot mom. I Love MILF’s Can you send me some sexy picture of you?”. 

Sure why not? Please learn some grammar first, while I figure out what MILF is.

HeartbreakKid says ILUVU.  ur so f*cking hot. i wana lik ur boobys. merry me pleez or i shoot.

Aww HBK, I do love meeting WWE fans, but my boy friend would shoot you dead

The rest of you, your love floats my boat, but my diary is full and no date is possible.

HOWEVER, just to show that I love you right back, I am giving you all a gift

I know them girls arent her’s but they sure look good on her 🙂
I hope HBK and Loverboy love her more and not flood my comments section
Edited to add : MILF means Mothers I’d like to F—-
Nice, really nice.  Thanks internet for completing my education

8 thoughts on “Yup! Another boob post

  1. MILF… ah! A new word did I learn today. I don’t believe it 😀 and that idea of displaying Pam’s assets as your own sounds good, so it should look better 😉 just loved that plastic 😉

    Yeah, one lives and learns. I hope the trolls love the plastic

  2. I think you just broke heartbreakkid’s heart! 🙂

    But seriously, if you put up Pam’s boob pix as yours, your blog stats are gonna hit the roof.

    Thanks for making me a part of your blogroll!


    Quirky Indian

    LOLL Quirky, I’m 45 years old, swear I am and such attention wow!!! It shore is purdy and goes right up into a gal’s ahem brains

  3. 😉 you rock big mama ..i don’t blame those love sick or sex starved ,experimenting guys to drool over you …lolll loved the posts …christ Ritu you sure have a great taste for subjects for your blogs ..muah ..

    Heyy Tiku, welcome back to blogosphere …. yeah I am a rock star and shall enjoy my 10 seconds of fame 😉

  4. LOL…never short of excitement are you Ritu? 😀

    I think I am addicted to the excitement. If I’m not on the edge, I’ll go crazy

  5. Lol! What a post. I learned something new too! 😉 I wrote a post about the funny invites I used to get. But I never mentioned any of in this class, just glossed over it. Ritu, you are a class apart when it comes to humour! You rock!

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