Link to a story of mine

Yes this is a shameless bit of self promotion.

I normally write funny stuff – mostly about my family.  But I have written spooky stuff too and request you people to view it and give me your comments

I know that this is a shameless bit of self promotion – but kya karen, wanted feedback


9 thoughts on “Link to a story of mine

  1. Hmm,
    Just finished reading it.
    Apart from the “spooky stuff” you wrote, it had a lot of detail, a lot of wonderful images that I could see.
    You are simply amazing with words. It was a highly impressive work of fiction. Wonder how you concocted it all….
    I, the ghost, will return.
    LOL, filhal it is time for the kids dinner, Becharey mere bachey bhookey baithey hain….
    But you got me hooked to this piece !

    LOLL have dinner, my dear … if you want rajmah chawal, I’ll send you some. I am glad you liked it

  2. Wow Ritu!…I love stories of the supernatural, and this one was definitely Out Of This World!!…any more spooky stuff to share?….

    Yes I do, will upload more of them

  3. wow, it was awesome. I love paranormal fiction. I was expecting this one with a shocking ending though!

    I think I need to tinker a bit with the ending … but I feel that with spook tales the end should be humdrum otherwise they freak a person out

  4. I’m really sorry about the brief “heh heh” it was in response to “Yes this is a shameless bit of self promotion”, your first sentence.

    I have read your spooky story, in fact that was the first blog of yours that I read and got hooked to your blogging 🙂 Its a masterpiece, gripping till the very end of the story. Great writing there.

    Sorry again 🙂

    Thanks Ravin, apology accepted hehehehehe, sucker for flattery that I am

  5. Hi Ritu,

    I have posted my other stories on my blog

    If you are wondering what to do with your time, have a scan:-)

    The first story ‘The Uplift’ I wrote quite some time back. SO it may not be that polished. The others are no better, perhaps.
    A story called ‘Vaman’ is my homage to Neil Gaiman.


    I already visited and read them …. your ideas are really good. I commented on them. Am not a polished critic. Post them on Ryze and invite comments.

  6. Oh my God, that was good! I was totally hooked, was expecting him to be her father, and thought he would show her how to get super rich, helping her take her share of property from his money. Why did you let her remain poor? Loved it!

    IHM that would have been predictable.

  7. Thanks a million for reading through the stories Ritu! Compliments from someone like you are extra special, because you are a fantastic writer!!

    I am sure to read your bog on a daily basis. keep’em coming!


    Rohit your ideas are original. Keep it up. There is no limit to imagination and creativity

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