New Delhi – City under siege

It happens every time.  We face something like the bomb blasts on Saturday, freak out for a while and then, once we are sure the crisis has passed, we go on with our lives.  There are families to feed, money to be earned, lives to be lived.  I am sure this is what people did in wars.  For the soldiers it was their job to kill and be killed, for the ordinary people, the smartest thing to do was to avoid battle fields and carry one with their lives.  The painful reality about today’s world is that there is no clear battlefield and the people who die in these sordid wars for religion are civillians who never signed for it.  Its painful and base.  One big reason to hate organised religion – they kill people in the name of God.

I was in Delhi yesterday – had to meet a few friends.  It was disturbing to drive through empty roads, police jeeps criss crossing the city.  I felt like I had wandered into a war zone.  I also felt scared … though my friend kept assuring me that the crisis was over.  I have lived in disturbed areas like Manipur and Nagaland.  I know what it is like to be resented because we were educated and our parents had the much coveted Government jobs – but that was economics.  They were poor and we had (in their view) all the comfort.  That I can understand, though I dont like their way of showing it – by trying to burn our home or stoning our roof in the middle of the night.  But killing innocent people shopping in a market place just because you want to make a name for yourself by proudly claiming that you belong to some XYZ organisation?  How sick is that?  Is this something to be proud of?  And if this is so, then come out in the open and fight and die for your twisted interpretation of your religion.  Dont be cowardly.

Roop and Devaki have also reacted to this.  The point is – where will this all end?  Why can we not make it illegal for politicians to play the caste/religion/state card.  And as Roop has said – we have to stop persecuting people based on nothing but their religion

8 thoughts on “New Delhi – City under siege

  1. There’s a very efficient system of brainwashing going on out there Ritu…people have forgotten how to think for themselves!

    Maybe its our survival tactics against trauma

  2. It’s the great Indian tamasha …

    The US had 9/11. UK had 7/7. They learnt their lessons. Even though some of their citizens complain of having lost their privacy due to monitoring of calls etc, at least they are safe. We don’t seem to learn anything …

    Jas, welcome to my blog. I think its the curse of belonging to an overpopulated country – we are numbers not people – so loss of life does not make an impact

  3. A heartfelt post. I agree when you say – we are numbers not people. That is the sad truth of our country unfortunately. That and the increasing tendency to get aggressive and bring something as personal as religion into the public space. I wrote a post very similar to yours today and found it eerie to hop over here and find this. So many of us think alike – then who are these fanatics among us, I wonder!

    The link to my post, if you want to check it out –

  4. I don’t think these people care about god or religion. Looks more like they have been paid by some political group …

    That is the sad truth – and political leaders either whip up the Hindu religious fervour or the Muslim insecurity owing to their being a minority, and then someone gets carried away or paid …. and this happens

  5. politicians these days stoop to any level for votes… religion caste etc doesnt matter a bit to them they use everyone for their own motives… no religion in this world advertises violence… none

    That is the sad truth Monika

  6. Problem is, we Indians have a very short memory span. Or maybe as someone pointed out earlier, we are too busy with our own problems to care about problems that my affect us in future 😀

    Saab chalta hai attitude

    Yeah, we are all about Jugaadh and Kee Fark Painda and Sab Chalta Hai

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