The Mommy Curse… Blessing?

You know what the ultimate threat/wish of a mother is?  The one that comes spontaneously when the kids do not kneel on the floor and rub their nose in the ground pay proper and adequate respect to her as a parental authority?  Well she draws herself to her full height (so what if she is short) and hisses “May you have children just like you”.  My Mom cursed , Blessed me with those very words, and guess what, yeah, I am doing just the same.

It was February and I was taking special care of my appearance.  Since I was skinny (sigh, wish I still was) I decided to wear a full length parrot green gown with lots of frills and flounces, rolled up socks in my bra, lipstick on my mouth (dark red) a bit on my cheek (YES dark red) green eyeliner and high heels I could barely balance on.  It was my very first adult party, the school farewell.  The family thought I looked something like this, but mercifully did not tell me

But I thought I looked like this

Yes in my eyes I was hot and thought I would be the most popular person in the party.  Sadly this is India and us girls were all huddled on one side of the room trying our best to be oblivious of the boys eyeing us warily from their side of the room.  And our Phys Ed teacher had rotten taste in music and kept playing Donny Osmond and Rishi-Neetu songs.  Naturally no one wanted to dance to that  even if we were asked to dance.  One of our teachers came and told us girls that we should dance and we did … with each other.  Our high heels came off and we danced barefoot to Ek Main aur Ek Tu.  Kid#1 smartly did not go for his farewell party.  Kid#2 did, clad in brand new Levi jeans, lovely Nike shoes and a psychedelic shirt which never got worn again.  He came back at 8 pm with a disgusted expression and insisted that we go out and party.  I nearly said “But you already came back from one”.  Luckily I did not and saved my reputation for that day.  No, I never asked him what went wrong.  I suspect his metallic smile (braces) might have a lot to do with it.

I could hear my Ma say “May you have kids just like you”

Well you cant keep my kids down any more that you could supress me.  We land on our feet.  We are survivors.  Its Kid#2’s Fresher’s Meet today and since I had his School farewell in mind, I was full of concern and started quizzing him about the programme, the music, the dancing he might have to do (he doesnt like to dance) and he turns and quashes me down with a very patronising and worldly smile

“Ma, we are grown up okay.  We will sit and drink, and if something clicks ….” and gave a very man of the world shrug.

Hello? He is eighteen years old, in his first year. 

And I hear my Ma saying “May you have kids just like you”

Well, okay, I’ll pass it forward … My darling son, May you have kids just like you


9 thoughts on “The Mommy Curse… Blessing?

  1. OMG I say this too my kids too. I thought I was being very original 🙂 When nothing else works, this is such a powerful threat!
    Enjoyed reading about your parrot green gown, I think we all wear our share of parrot green dresses:) Wasn’t Parveen Bobby gorgeous?!

    Oh absolutely, Wish I had a fraction of her oomph

  2. Very bad! My mom cursed me like this so many time and now that I am at a stage when we are thinking about kids, I am scared thinking about the curse. Infact, when I used to spend countless hours on phone, my dad said ‘u will realize how much we are stressed out when ur own kids do this’ and my dad has a mole on his toungue!!!!

    PS: I love your blog. I am linking to yours without permission!

    Am honoured. Kids do that to you. But mind you, they are a great leveller and keep you grounded with their absolutely honest – rude??? opinions. They are a blessing. I used to tell them that I would auction them on,…. but cant imagine life without them

  3. ‘What goes around, comes around’, eh?[:)]……..and, parrot green dress with matching eyeshadow…boy oh boy!!!
    loved BOTH pics Ritu![:D]
    Good one Ritu, as always!

    Thanks Rashmi, and yeah I luvvvvvv the stick insect

  4. what a beauty she was …awesome …Parveen
    and I can understand what you are saying being mother of two very outspoken boys …they bring me to ground levels always ..I say it often may u both have kids just like you …girl you are hot stuff anyways ..maybe not in the eyes of your sons ..[:d]..but..[:p]…remember ur assets [:d]
    The gud ol college days …[:)]

    Yeah the Babi babe …. drool

  5. That curse sure packs a solid punch!
    My only consolation- other people’s kids are just as bad, if not worse:)

    They’re all the same Dipali. Mine are pretty outspoken so I know where they stand. I dont know if its a good thing or not

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