Mirror Mirror On the Wall

I do have a bit of an ego trip that I’m trying to find professional help for. I have this thing where I like to look in the mirror and make these sexy faces at myself and say “I look good, huh?” I’m lucky that I dont have a spouse who would just roll his eyes, say “yes baby” and walk away.  That would really be a downer heh!  And then there is such a lot of laughter in the house, because all of us think we are so smart and witty that we laugh at our own jokes.  But the moment I see a camera trained on me … I freeze.  Honest to God I do.  I am sure that there is some wonderful mind doctor out there who will come out with a perfectly lovely explanation and even give a impressive and unpronouncable name for this condition.  Whatever ….

I prefer a simple explanation like this one …..

Oooh I would love – nah – not to be the lion, but to own the mirror!  I would drown in the reflection.  Bliss!

This is me, clicked by DIL when I wasn’t aware – but would love to have been the Babi babe walking out of the water

Or at least the hard headed management types that I wish I was

But these are the people who make my life worth it :-

Kid#1 and his lady

Kid#1 and his lady

and the last but not the least …. my baby – though he would hate being called that


11 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror On the Wall

  1. awwww so very cute!!!!

    Chandler in Friends had the same disease btw. I don’t remember them naming it tho ;p

    I do a fake smile when camera’s on hehe

    I freeze, do the fake smile, and look unnatural. Then I see my photos and kick myself.

  2. Aww thats an adorable family! And you look good:) No wonder those sons are lookers!

    My sons are handsome and I am sooooo proud of them. 😉 I tell them they are passable hehe

  3. Great. Loved the pics. The DIL deserves all the credit of course. You are a photogenic family, though you wont own the mirror. Thanks for sharing them here. You look good in the blue one.
    Roo, Now I know where that sexy smile comes from…

    Naughty smile you mean I think. Aww but I want the mirror – then I’ll look like the Babi babe or like Rekha …. sigh, drool!!!

  4. LOL loved your freeze before a camera, come alive for the mirror description, I am shameless in front of the camera and the mirror both 🙂 Lovely pics, good looking family of a very good looking mom.
    It’s wonderful to read about the fun and laughter that seems to accompany your talk of your kid #1 and 2 and Kid#1’s lady.

    The mirror I can talk to, emote to …. I dont know what happens when a camera points at me. The three other members of my family come alive in front of the camera!

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