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There is a saying in Hindi which doesnt come through so well when translated “Bhagwan jab deta hai, chappar phar ke deta hai” or When God gives – the bounty breaks the thatched roof.  I guess in these times when the roofs are cemented, the bounty breaks the doors and cracks window panes and pours in.  Freya thinks that I am a Certified Honest Blogger.  Oh wow!  This is a first.  People have always waggled fingers and brows at me and told me that I am “Certified” ….. as in a mental case.  Thank you Freya.  You simply don’t know how much this means to me.  Apart from the office where I’ve fooled them into believing that I am good and responsible, no one in real life has.  The net is wonderful. 

I would like to pass this on to

Roop  : This is one crusader whose sincerity shines

The Mad Momma : She is a firebrand, seriously you got to read her to believe it

The Indian Homemaker : Lady I salute you

The Quirky Indian : He has a lovely informative blog and he complains that I make him think …. here is another one


What can I say, I am popular I guess.  The gracious and gentle Indian Homemaker has given me a gold card.  Now this is one card I can not bust or max out.  Thank you lovely lady.

I agree that we are going through intolerant times and bigotry, hate and violence seem to be invading our lives in various ways.  I hate bigotry and small mindedness.  People who visit my blog know this about me.  I pass this award to each and every reader of my blog (yes even the lurkers) who are with me and agree that caste, colour, religion, nationality, regionality are just geographical, and should remain just that.  We are humans and belong to this lovely planet.  More importantly, we are minds and souls that connect via this wonderful medium of the internet.  Let us please open our minds and hearts, forget the egos and other stuff that stops us from connecting with each other.


7 thoughts on “Bloggie Love

  1. Your statement on the gold card is just wonderful, Ritu. We need more honest and unbigoted tolerant people if the world is not to fragment itself into unviable microns. Mind and heart are open, boss!

    😀 Dipali

  2. Phoenixritu What wonderful words! And as a reader of this blog I know how true. Thanks.

    And just yesterday I was wondering how honest I am! So thanks for the certified honest blogger award :))

    You’re welcome

  3. Thanks Ritu. Appreciate it!

    Errr….this doesn’t require me to write a post and pass it on, does it? Does it need to be passed on? In which case, I dedicate it to all bloggers, past present and future!

    Looks like I’m done. For now. 🙂


    Quirky Indian

    Quirky, you’re supposed to pass it on to whom you think is honest. Uff, what an escape artist this man is!!!

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