Some Indian Women I admire

You’ve come a long way Baby!!! Or have you?


Sati Savitri : The courageous and determined lady who won back her dead husband from Yama


Draupadi : The princess who got to marry five most eligible princes of her time – and when humiliated instigated a war, echoes of which reverberate through time


Sita : The loyal companion, the lady who softened the rigid persona of Rama.  Also the lady whose ill-timed laughter when Srupnakha was wooing Rama led to Srupnakha’s mutilations and eventually the destruction of Lanka


Gandhari : The woman who confuses me – if I were married to a blind man, I would make sure that I could see and compensate for his lack of vision.  100 Sons? I admire her fortitude and she has my sympathy.


Kunti : The first recorded unwed mother – also the mother of braves.  Must have been quite a personality to have managed to mother 6 historical men


Kaikeyi : Agreed she got bad press, but this was a warrior queen who saved her husband’s life in battle – and she was just playing royal politics and being pushy for her own son.


Laxmibai, Rani of Jhansi : The woman betrayed by her childhood friend, Scindia in battle.  The queen who died – or did not (since the British did not find her body) is the stuff of legends.  I idolize her


Mrignayni : The Gujjar queen of Scindia who single handedly killed a boar and died fighting an invader, fighting by her husband’s side


Ahilyabai Holkar : Child widow, came to the throne of Holker after the death of her father in law.  A very able administrator. 


Jijabai : Mother of Shivaji – She proves that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world


Panna Dhai : Nurse of Udai Singh who sacrificed her own son for the safety of her charge


Meera Bai : Intense and mind boggling devotion that foiled all kinds of plots to get her killed


There are so many others like Radha, Menaka etc that I have not put up here.  Knowing how feudal our country is, these women must have been special to have gained their place in history.  I wonder how many of today’s women make it to the history pages.


9 thoughts on “Some Indian Women I admire

  1. Really interesting!!!!!
    1. Savitri was witty I guess,but she also wanted a hundred sons (no daughters), a bad example and role model today!
    2. Draupadi : She did not have five husbands, the five husbands had her as their wife. But I must say she made the most of the situation.
    Gosh this comment will become a post! Just that, I don’t admire most of these women, for most of the things they did, or did not do. They are terrible examples for today’s women. Okay, my next post is my opinion of these same women 🙂

    I agree they are not role models … but they were strong women. Looking forward to your post

  2. Look her up on Wiki. Warrior queen, fought for her kingdom.
    Doesn’t have the same publicist as Rani Laxmibai. 🙂

    I did after your first comment. Worthy of being in the list. Thanks 😀

  3. Thanks.

    I was just concerned because the representation seemed a little unequal. I’m not recommending “reservation” at all! I was just wondering who comes to mind (& who doesn’t) when we say Indian?

    You raised a valid point. I stand corrected

  4. Very well compiled. Excellent.

    Each and every woman chosen very carefully. If it were me, I would have almost similar list. Albeit, I would put Panna Dhai at the top, followed by Jijabai. One important virtue of Jijabai, you missed (not really, perhaps it needed more obvious emphasis) – It was training and moulding his child with desirable traits and virtues which really goes to prove that woman, if virtuous, knowledgeable and determined can indeed inspire and groom the kids to no less than a gem for the nation and humanity – come what may!

    Alas! most of the children of today’s generation don’t even know them. (Don’t go by TV quiz, just test it in your neighborhood) .

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