A blast from the past

Gems I discovered while cleaning old suitcases … God rewards people who clean old stuff in un-expected ways.  I got these photos as a reward  😀

Kid#1 was a smiley kid, chubby and active.  He loved to hunt and decimate the population of the insect world ….. with his bare hands and with any footwear he could lay his hands on.  He also had a temper (still does) and a bad-ass attitude …. actually both the boys do – and Ex thinks they get that from me.  What do I think?  Well I guess I am shamelessly proud of them, attitude and all.

Smiley Kid#1

Smiley Kid#1

He was energetic, and a happy child.  Once I took him with me to the beauty parlour.  He decided all the women wearing rollers or masks were animals and wanted to use his toy guns to hunt them.  Took me a lot of effort to pacify him.  Disaster struck when I sat down for my hair-cut.  He saw the lady bring a pair of scissors close to my head – and sprang to my defense.  He was squatting on the floor and bit the poor woman’s leg so hard that he nearly drew blood.  Needless to say I never went back to that parlour … EVER!!!

He discovered attitude and style very early in life.  Check out his body language in this pic

The dude

The dude

Kid#2 operated on the simple principle that the squeaky hinge gets the maximum oil.  He was blessed with an angelic face and he looked lovely crying – and he exploited that for all he was worth.  His favorite postion …. Mommy’s lap

Kid#2 and me .. wish I can get this slim again

Kid#2 and me .. wish I can get this slim again

And here’s another

Best post partum workout - carry kid

Best post partum workout - carry kid

Here’s one of the siblings together

Brotherly togetherness

Brotherly togetherness

And my personal favorite – its prophetic, the pilot as a child showing an airplane to his younger brother

Come fly with me

Come fly with me

13 thoughts on “A blast from the past

  1. You’ve had this a.w.e.s.o.m.e Madhuri Dixit hairstyle, no? 🙂

    Hahahahaha, I actually had hair!!! Madhuri Dixit aped mine – seriously 😉

  2. You look great, nose pin, hair style and all!
    …doesn’t kid #2 look exactly like you? And yes, the boys are good looking, really cute looking. ‘Prophetic’, meaning the Pilot flies now? He is looking like a big and responsible brother taking care of the baby 🙂
    Great pics! Nothing like going through old pics.

    Yeah, Kid#2 does! The pilot is looking for employment – any day now, and he’ll be flying

  3. Dirty suitcase. Chance discovery. Nostalgic moments! I adore this feeling!

    I had a similar feeling last week, when I ran into an old school photograph… dating back 9 years. My friends looked so cute!

    You all must have been babies at that time

  4. Lovely!! The pictures and the antics !!But hey…..from your stories one would think the little Angel’s had horns!!!:)

    They are angels, with a wicked attitude 😀

  5. You all look lovely.
    Past is always nice to look at.
    But I recall your present pics too, and I loved them too,
    I liked your sons’ attitudes. M would be so happy to know that there are parents who take pride in such things-just like he does, hehehe.

    LOL Sure am glad I am not the only one

  6. The pictures are beautiful and everyone in them too!! 🙂 Just discovered this blog and a enjoying it.. keep writing .. you are good!

    Heyyyy Uma, so happy to see you here! Welcome to my world! I practically live here 😀

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