Txting … WTH???

Or perhaps I mean WTF. 


One of the reasons I got on to Facebook and Orkut is to keep track of my boys ….. srsli. Cue for some spy flick music …..


And I truly fear for the future of our country when I see how these kids talk … er, write … to each other.


But this exchange really does take it to the ultimate …..


Friend 1 : dere???? and wht time do cum online…let me knw


Kid#2 : yaar im so sori …da thing is i have been really busy wid wrk and colg….so didnt get any time,,,but will surely call u…u tell me hws ur colg goin …enjoyinn


Friend : so hows lyf going on


Kid#2 : dis and dat. U tell


Friend : Wat?


Kid#2 : Wassup?


Friend : tom can u coll me?


Kid#2 : ya – lotz hapnin, lets cachup


Editors Note : This is a boy who has totally pissed me off by repeating “Nothing” continuously to all my questions about his life and college.  Humph! To continue with the conversation


Friend : letz meet at xxxxxx around xxxx


Kid#2 : okzzzzzz no prob


Please remember that I have graduate and post graduate degrees in English literature, write as a hobby and draft killer speeches and letters in my working life. Spelling, grammar, punctuation — these things are my world.

And my world? It is about to go flying off its axis if kids these days don’t freakin’ learn to SPELL!

Sigh. Ok. I’m dun now.





23 thoughts on “Txting … WTH???

  1. ROFL! 😀

    I SO(!!) know exactly what you mean! My younger brother and sister constantly irritate and amaze me by writing like this!

    And this is not sms conversation, its scraps and facebook!

  2. SMS lingo is a complete turn off. U for you and r for are is fine. But I don’t understand why people use ‘akshually’ for actually. Doesn’t make sense to me. Wrong spellings is a trend? WTF?! I dont understand replacing ‘s’ with ‘z’ either (though I must admit that quite sometime ago, I had created an e-mail id which had ‘z’ instead of ‘s’… OK! I was growing up then!!!)

    I u/s wat u meen

  3. I ardent usr this lngue 🙂 it so comfy…. I make efrt not to wrt in it my blog

    lol………. but seriously I use it quite often atleast when I am typing an sms……..

    Sum ppl use it on chat n scrps 2. Gaah! I give up. I am not used to it at all

  4. Hehehe
    i hate this language,
    i see no point in using ‘dere’ for ‘there’. hatth ghassda hai ehna da ikk alphabet paondeya da

    Still laughing at your comment! I absolutely agree 😀

  5. Though I am of the same generation, I am old school when it comes to writing emails and texting. What I do not understand is this: ‘dis’ is only one letter less than ‘this’ so also ‘dat’ and ‘that’, and there are some sms-world words that are actually longer or have more repeated letters than the original(can’t remember any right now) so how does it help in terms of saving time/energy? My sister is 6 years younger to me and exchanging messages with her is an ordeal because she uses all kinds of acronyms that I have to look up online to understand! Sigh….I feel like a 100 year old…I am in a time warp I think.

    OMG and I thought I was in the time warp ….and the kids murder the language and the speed at which they text ….

  6. Its gonna get even more weird with the next generation. Although , I don’t use a lost of the sms language, I have re-read what I wrote when I draft emails to make sure that I didn’t use short forms, and slowly i’m forgetting the spellings too, its getting very confusing

    I know a kid named Gunjan who turned in her work after spell checking it – and her name became Gun-man. She really got hell at her college 😉

  7. lol dat ws funy im n splits dis s wndrfl but 2 tel u da truth i alwyz rite in ful sentences
    Gosh I hate this! At the most I use some abbreviations like LOL or ROTFl btw which I am after reading this awesome post 🙂 Just fyi

    TY TY

  8. Oh don’t even get me started on this. And people make fun of me because apparently my SMSs don’t read like SMSs because I don’t do abbreviations…

    And coll? That’s not even an abbreviation… so why????!!!

    Lazy squirts they are

  9. “! TTTT IAW, This is wkewl” He he ….


    “Comment, To Tell The Truth I Agree With you, This is way cool” still laughing 😉

    Thanks for the translation – takes detectivegiri to decipher what they write

  10. crptk lngo [:d]..i lv it.my byz uz it oftn n u nd 2hv brnz 2fgrot wht dey r syn ..kewl…
    lvd d post.

    Hey Tikuli, you’re good at this. I am not and so I get bummed 😉

    • This was about 4 years back … now its even worse. I got a message saying “grats” I actually had to ring up the person and learn that it meant “congratulations”

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