Bad Restaurant – Fantastic Undergrad Humour

We went to try a popular restaurant in the area …. ever since Kid#1 has grown up, our choices of places to eat out depends on the quality and prices of the liquor served and the snacks.  We can totally do a drinks and snacks thing – giving regular food a miss.  I have been doing the abandoned mother act rather well, I totally overloaded my kids on guilt (insert evil mother smile) so they took me out for this dinner.

The restaurant was okay as far as ambience and booze n food go – pricey but okay.  What I did not like was the music – loud and dhinchak.  Why oh why do places play loud Himesh Reshammiya and such like music.  Chadhti bhi nahin …. sigh!  Kid#2 started playing sms-sms with some one – Damn the network providers and their free sms schemes.   Kid#1 and DIL started whispering stuff to each other (awwww) and I started eavesdropping on some undergraduate kids on a table close to ours – their conversation was crazy

UG1 : Why does it feel as though I’ve come to a Wedding

UG2 : Nah Its not a wedding, can’t see any bride or groom.  And where are the uncles and aunties?

UG1 : Uhhhh such a sad joke …

UG2 : (Nudging the other and looking at a particularly depressed looking couple) Bride ke Papa Mummy lagte hain

UG1 : Kahan?  Oh okay … arrey haan, and those (indicating an overweight and jolly looking family) are the groom’s side – dahej mil raha hai bhai, lots of it!

After that they both got busy ordering beers and checking all the other tables, eyeing the PYTs in the place.  After about ten minutes or so the conversation started again ….

UG2 : You know what, I think that chick really likes me.  She is checking me out

UG1 : You know what, I think tu zyada dimag laga raha hai.  Get your eyes tested

UG2 : Abby nahin yaar – just wait, she’ll look at me again

UG1 : Haan when we get up, she’ll follow us to the hostel too.  (Humming the Hutch song) You and I in this beautiful world …….

UG2 : C’mon yaar, I’m serious

UG1 : Abby haan yaar, uske bhai bhi tereko dekh rahe hain, hahahahhaha.  I would run away fast, if I were you hahahahahaha, Kat le tu, kat le

UG2 : I’m not scared haan

UG1 : Haan tu toh hero hai, pakka superman.  I better go home. Tu ne to bachna nahin

UG2 : Haan run away, run away – but pay your bill before you go. Huh baat karta hai …..

UG1 : Haan chal bhai, Good to know you, accha aadmi tha …..

Wish I could have eavesdropped more – but at this point I found the whole family giving me icy cold glares – since I was chuckling into my drink

Thanks boys for the entertainment you provided



7 thoughts on “Bad Restaurant – Fantastic Undergrad Humour

  1. Hey.. I’m an undergrad too!

    Seriously, undergrad humor is a different league altogether.. Its a carefree life! No bosses to answer to, no spouses to take care of, no issues of life in general, except gossips of who’s-going-out-with-whom and all that 😉

    Its fun!

    I agree

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