Drona, A review

People I saw Drona yesterday ……..

You guys are supposed to hand me Asprin, a towel and fan me while a flop on the couch.

You know the feeling one gets when one has bland khichri for lunch when one is not sick?  You aren’t hungry but you are not sated?  Well, that’s the feeling I got when I walked out of the movie hall. 

It has this lovely lady with a great body (Priyanka) who does the most awesome stunts (She is Drona’s bodyguard), you have lovely special effects (though heavily inspired by Harry Potter) and Kay Kay Menon as the villian Rys Raizada – I liked his acting.  The other two were heavily spaced out.  I have yet to see more wooden characters …..  Abhishek needs to work with real directors who can bring out his skills – he was great in Guru where he reminded me of his mother’s talent.  And he needs to lose weight.  Seriously who ever heard of a superhero with a paunch?

Wonder why every thing Priyanka had to say started with “Babuji kehte the”? Lady, Tum kya kehti ho?  The movie has its good points but is too patchy.  If you took out the songs – which have nothing to do with the story at all, reduced the length of the movie and bullied the main leads to emote dammit – it would have been good.  As such it was boring.

I liked the sequence where they go to a mythical place called Raazpur … that was interesting

There were some young kids who had come with their parents to see the movie and loved it.  I dunno …

Kid#1 : This movie should have been called Rona instead of Drona.  Abhishek keeps feeling sorry for himself.

Kid#2 : (in tones of deep distaste) Abhishek was playing the role of Priyanka’s wife!

(Note to self : Lady you have given birth to a chauvanist pig, kick yourself) 

My verdict :

  • Goldie Behl should stop having anything to do with Bollywood
  • Who ever wrote the dialogues of the movie aught to be shot
  • Kay Kay as the clownish villain saved the day
  • Priyanka rocks – but she better be careful of the movies she picks up

10 thoughts on “Drona, A review

  1. acha?
    good that i didnt give in to kids demand of going to see it.
    LOL @ Rona vs Drona

    There were some kiddies sitting there who were laughing and jumping up and down at the right moments – your kids would have enjoyed it.

  2. as expected hubby and me were talking the other day that somehow this is going to be crap 🙂 Kay Kay menon is a brilliant and very underrated actor…

    Personally I am looking forward to Ramchand Pakistani starting Nandita Das (another hot woman) which released yesterday too…

    Also saw A Wednesday yesterday excellent movie… do check it out if not already seen

    I have seen A Wednesday. Its excellent. Drona on the other hand is a movie you send your little ones to see along with their ayah – while you blissfully enjoy me-time in the mall, and pick em up later

  3. Thanks for the forewarning, else would have watched just because P’s there – heh heh, just kidding 😉 Don’t watch movies anyways 😛

    Why? They are excellent time-pass. If you enjoy them, good – if not, you can always bitch about them …… 😀

  4. I don’t think I can stand a Bachchan movie now(old ones were awesome) and that means ANY bachchan on the planet! They are so phony and seem full of themselves. It also seems like AB Junior has let himself go in terms of his fitness etc. The less said about his movies the better.

    Major pseudo people they’ve become – lost touch with reality

  5. Wow!…Drona likened to khichri…and that too bland?!?…and I thought it was the females who put on weight after matrimony?!?!….the tables sure have turned!!!….what with women body guards et al!!!
    …is ‘Kidnapped’ better, then?(vs Drona, ie?)

    Havent seen Kidnapped as yet – but anything would be better than Rona Dhona oops Drona

  6. Will avoid like the plague! Recently watched a few movies, of which A Wednesday and Aamir were excellent. Rather enjoyed Welcome to Sajjanpur, too, even though it wasn’t a Benegalesque film.

    Yeah, Shreyas Talpade is an excellent actor 😀

  7. What’s the world coming to? Fat superheroes? No wonder he needs a bodyguard! 😛

    Not exactly fat – chubby and paunchy to be precise

  8. Kid#2 : (in tones of deep distaste) Abhishek was playing the role of Priyanka’s wife!

    Freaking funny instead of distate-for me atleast. Ok, thanks for review. You saved me some bucks wasted.

    Glad to have helped you escape the horrible experience

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