My O.C.Ds

IHM has tagged me to list five addictions and quirks …. WTF only five?!  Oh well, thank you very much I’ll prune the list.

  • I can get lost in conversation – you know start speaking and then shut up, leaving the other person hanging mid-sentence, and then look blankly and ask “Where was I?”.  Drives people insane 😀
  • I have to sleep diagonally on my bed.  Sigh!  Dont even ask, I dont know the reason myself.  Cant sleep on a strange bed or be comfortable in a strange room.  I need my own pillow and my own blanket.
  • Green chillis and tea – Yeah, my favorite tonics.  I am probably one of the few people who buys half kg green chillis for the week – and consumes them!  The doctors are asking me to cut down on both – the &^%$*  spoil sports 😦
  • Am addicted to music channels on TV, need to have them on while I cook.  No music, no food!
  • I L.O.V.E. watching WWE, and ECW! Oh and I cheer enthusiastically when RAW or Hell in the Cage and such like tournaments are held.  The more blood and gore, the happier I get.  Such a big adrenalin rush!
  • If in a wedding or restaurant I amuse myself by guessing the planetary configurations of each and every person over there just by the way they walk or facial features.  If that gets boring, I script stories around them.

I pass this tag to Tikuli, Manpreet , Freya, Advitiya, and Ravin (someone’s got to get him blogging again!)

10 thoughts on “My O.C.Ds

  1. And by the way, now that the dhol has sounded its doum doum luck luck, let me tell you that i loved reading your addictions. Though i dont relate myself to 1,2 and 5 but then fun is all about loving differences, ain’t it?
    The last one was weird but shared with me. Though mera case hajey aina kharab nahi hoya jina tuhada ho gaya hai.

    LOLOLOLOLOL I read your addictions – such fun! The last one – oh its totally infectious. My sons used to join me earlier in spinning stories about the unsuspecting people around – ab toh DIL also joins in 😀

  2. ur 5th addiction means you like playing the airport game! it means you just watch people and make stories about them just by looking at their faces, lol.

    btw, thanks!

    Oho is that what its called? Its fun

  3. LOL Whenever I am alone I love to sleep diagonally too, and I even keep the laptop on the bed, and blog till late at night.
    And green (or even red chili powder) and hot tea are my elixirs too:) Why are all good things bad for health?
    The last one ..OMG (very LOUD) …I do the same. Love doing that…and I might forget faces, dob, names, but I remember their Sun, Moon, Mars and ascendants.

    OMG, that is me. I look at a person walking and say – this one is Hast, another one – iska Rahu panga leta hai, better not park close to his car. I am like that!

  4. done it and I also said WTF only five
    chillies hahahhahha now I know from where all the sting comes …:D
    observing people is my addiction too they say great minds think alike 🙂

    I just learnt that it is called the airport game. Its fun 😀

  5. green chilli with tea? u serious? shud i try?

    LOLLL At your own risk Swarna. I meant I love green chillis and I love tea. The combo would be deadly to say the least

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