Parents Giving Up Children?

Whatever will they think of next?

I saw this news article – its a small article.  Just hop across and read it – this page can wait.  These people have it all – they have a system which is ready to take infants from parents if the parents can say “I can’t cope”.  Now I wish we had a system where we could discard the following :

  • Politicians that can’t control their rhetoric
  • Government servants who think they are the damaad of the public
  • Moral Police – specially guys who banned smoking (May they rot in hell!)
  • People who give unsolicited advise
  • People who love to say “Can I tell you something? Nah forget it!”  drives me crazy Gah!

As for the losers who want to turn in their own kids to the state – they deserve a special place in hell.  What were they thinking when they had those kids, anyway.  I actually studied for 9 years after my first kid was born …. I know how difficult it was.  I spent many sleepless nights doing assignments or nursing a colicky infant.  Then there was another one on the way ….

Never in my wildest nightmares did the option to abandon my children occur to me.  I was short tempered, tired, broke but even then my children were my comfort zone, one smile, one giggle destressed and recharged me. 

How can people even want to do this?


4 thoughts on “Parents Giving Up Children?

  1. In the discard list,
    please edit to add:
    THE PEOPLE WHO INSIST ON TELLING YOU SECRETS OF LOSING WEIGHT just cos you are a tad overweight by worldly standards

    How could I have missed that one? LOL I absolutely agree

  2. No, I can never understand this either. Any such news shakes me.
    The damad of the public and the moral police are in my discard list too.
    But phoenixritu they have not banned smoking, they cannot do that, they have banned smoking in public places…basically to protect passive smokers. I am DEAD AGAINST bans by government because this is not their job, what we wear, who we sleep with, what languages or courses of study we choose to study, what religion we follow or convert to, what we eat, drink or smoke are nobody’s business, unless they hurt another citizen.
    Just my point of view 🙂

    Yeah the cops have got another danda to beat the public with 😦

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