I am raising a romantic!

My Kid#2 is all grown up.  He went on his very first date today.  Sigh!!!!!!

He’s gone out earlier – but always in a group.   Today was the first time he took a girl out for the evening.  People say Awwwwww

He was nervous.  His coffee date was at 5 pm and he was ready by three ( jeans and a nice summery shirt, Nike sneakers, mobile phone with blue tooth, Ipod, PSP – I dont know why all of his gizmos but those were his accessories) and he got his car washed twice, cleaned up all the car from the inside and even bought flowers (yellow roses).

DIL was active participant.  It did my heart good to see major advise being asked and being dispensed.  It also took all effort on my part to not crack up at the proceedings.  I have a corny sense of humour you see, and I can not reconcile the image of a tiny baby still fresh in my mind with this grown up boy young man taking a girl he finds special out for a date.

Kid#2 :  Bhabhi do I look okay

DIL : Change your socks, and show me your nails

Kid#2 : Okay

Editors Note : I am awed, he would have killed me if I had suggested anything like that.  He quickly ran to his room and I gave DIL a thumbs up while she signalled a V with her hand

DIL : Okay remember, dont talk too much.  Listen to her.

Kid#2 : I dunno, girls keep on talking all the time

DIL :  Yes, and you have to listen, if you want any more dates with her

Kid#2 : We are going to Barrista ……

DIL : Bad idea.  Take her to Costa Coffee.  Barrista is cheap.

Kid#2 : Ewwwww (Probably seeing this week’s pocket money flying away)

DIL : You want another date?

Kid#2 : Okay Okay!  What do I order?

DIL : (Smiling) You dont, ask her to order.

Kid#2 : Mommmmm, give me next week’s pocket money in advance.

Me : On one condition – you will tell me every single thing that happened when you return.

Kid#2 : No way!  You’re joking

Me : Evil Smile

DIL : Mommmmm, that is unfair.  You are evil

Me : Evil Smile

Both of them glare at me.  I surrender and hand over next week’s pocket money.

Bye, little one.  Have a wonderful evening ……

Sigh!  They grow up so fast!


13 thoughts on “I am raising a romantic!

  1. Awww This made such a delightful, adorable read 🙂 You are a cool mom & mom in law. Love reading your family posts.
    And I think about that EVIL SMILE bit, you gave up too soon :))) ROTFL
    PS Will my son ever clean his nails:)

    Let him have his pehla pehla pyaar, he’ll do it 😀

  2. Awww This made such a delightful, adorable read 🙂 You are a cool mom & mom in law. Love reading your family posts.
    And I think about that EVIL SMILE bit, you gave up too soon :))) ROTFL
    PS Will my son ever clean his nails:)

    I am not able to post this comment 😦

    I know I gave up too soon – both of them were looking at me as though I was Cruella Da Ville heheheehehe, so I gave up otherwise I would have lost control and broken into giggles. They were so intense and solemn LOLLL

  3. O Evil Queen…

    (That’s all i wanted to say :p )

    Black Widow
    (I am beginning to think it’s a cool sign off!)

    I like the moniker you’ve given me 😀

  4. This young “bird” is ready to fly off from his nest. Stand on the sidelines and applaud.

    To be frank, if it was my daughter, I too would not have resisted the “pure joy” of being “evil” and doing a bit of “khichamtani”. (this is Mumbaiya Hindi) 🙂

    Oh absolutely! I never miss an opportunity

  5. You are a cool, cool mom and mom in law 🙂
    And rotfl @ the Evil Smile 🙂 Delightful read your family posts make…I read this out to my kids and we were all in splits :))

    Oh, we never ever miss an opportunity to do some khichamtani

  6. awwwwwwwwww 😛 m already wonderin how ll i feel my kid starts dating 🙂 .. well yea.. m still in courting period of my marriage hehe..

    It is difficult to describe. One part pride, 2 parts love, one part amusement and a total delight, such a rewarding experience

  7. [:)]I smile with you evil queen [:)]…..
    waiting for the day when my sons will go for the first date (official)..I came to know from evil sources [:D]that they had some unofficial ones lately .As you will remember the younger one is just 13 ..lolll u r adorable mommy

    Ahhh those kids are in Delhi, jaldi shuruaat hoti hai 😉

  8. sweet. so how was it

    It must have been good. He has this smug satisfied expression and he is walking on air LOLLL. Right now he isnt telling us. When he comes down from the altitude and touches ground, he will hehehhehe. Me and the DIL are waiting for that day

  9. Great, I loved this post of yours. I think I like your DIL a lot. Please convey it to her.
    And Please do a follow up post on the DATE and its Aftermath.

    He hasn’t told us anything. When we ask him, he just gives us a b.e.a.m.i.n.g. smile and leaves it at that. He seems to be on cloud nine right now ……., both of us women are getting a bit impatient

  10. so sweet… kids grow up fast right? and i love the way u are friendly with ur kids… I wish I had that kind of freedom when I went on my first date…. and Ya like manpreet I agree I like ur dil a lot too… infact I would say I like ur whole family 🙂

    Thank you Monika

  11. aaaw…
    I wish I had a mummy like u…
    u r soo cool ma’m… 😀
    n my mom’s used to b too scary n stringent when i was in my teens…lol but i love her coz otherwise i wud ve gone too far i guess….

    I disagree – children rebel if there is too much strictness – they stay within acceptable boundaries if allowed to set their own limits

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