IFB – Washing Machine from Hell

How did you spend Dussehra?

I got up and did the laundry …….. manually.  Yes it means that I woke up at seven and was washing clothes till 12 noon.  My laundry list consisted of 5 double bed sheets, 2 double bed covers, 7 towels apart from small itsy bitsy stuff.

About 3 weeks ago my machine went kaput.  I have an AMC for the machine.  So I did not panic and just rang up the call centre.  They were efficient and sent me the complaint number by sms.  I was cool and thought they would come within 48 hours.  After a couple of days I again rang up.  They told me they have no record.  Huh, then how did they sms me a complaint number?  The person had no idea.  So I was given another complaint number and assured that they would attend to the complaint within 24 hours.  Well that did not happen either.  I again rang up and they kept assuring me that this would be attended the very next day.

One interesting thing I noticed was that every call centre guy or woman I talked to had a South Indian accent.  Do they have a North Indian call centre for South Indian complaints?  After much persuasion I was given the cell number of their Manager in Delhi – who never picks up his phone.  Three days ago one of their service engineers rang me up and told me he would be at my residence by 5 p.m.  I believed him – yes I do have blonde bimbette moments.

I am aching all over and looking like death warmed up.  Guess what, I should have taken the IFB service centre, call centre, Area Manager and who-ever else I could bundle up, stood them up instead of Ravan effigies and burnt them down.

This is not the first time this has happened.  My sons are telling me to take them to Consumer Court.  I would much prefer burning the bastards alive.  Needless to say I will never ever buy a fully automatic washing machine from IFB


15 thoughts on “IFB – Washing Machine from Hell

  1. Hi! Your experience is unfortunate but not unusual, I’m afraid. We rely so much on machines nowadays, but the aftersales service often leaves a lot to be desired!

    BTW, I came here from IHM’s blog. I enjoyed your recent posts that I read!

    Thank you Manju and welcome to my blog

  2. I spent my Dusshera traveling! Finally after such a long time. The other alternative was house cleaning which I skipped. Now I’m content in a dirty house 😛

    Travelling is such fun – currently I am in the mood to think that cleanliness is over rated humph!

  3. I went through similar troubles very recently with Airtel. Our call centres are staffed with the most incompetent young people. First call them and threaten them, tell them you knoe everybody in their…whateve thet are called, it might just work. But whether or not you get the washing machine working, AMC guys should still be taken to the Consumer Court.
    We recently bought a Samsung Washing Machine, thank God!

    I will never again buy anything manufactured by IFB

  4. Gosh Ritu .we all seem to be having bad laundry day lately ..I too washed a truck load recently coz the fuckn machine refused to obey commands and you won’t belive ,it started to work again when the maid came nxt day ..

    UFFF I am aching all over! I can totally empathise

  5. I truly hope they don have a north indian call centre for south indian complaints.. once i called airtel delhi to help my fiance in delhi n took me 20 mins to understand wat hes speaking… i ve not had such trbl even with Mexicans in the US.. it is a vast difference in accent within the country!

    I agree

  6. You have vowed never to buy a washing machine from IFB.
    Now take another vow – “Never Buy a Washing Machine from Electrolux!”

    Seriously. Last year, the same happened to us. Our electrolux machine stopped functioning, we called the company guys up, they came in 24 hours, said something is seriously wrong, took the machine to their service centre, and we never heard from them for six months!

    Meanwhile we were busy flexing our muscles. We dug up an old contact who worked at Electrolux. He declared helplessness. Calls to the Service Centre were never picked up. We consulted our family friends and launched an attack! A case was registered in the Consumer Court. That helped to bring our machine back, but in tatters!

    The case is still on, and we are awaiting judgment, and compensation!

    And now, we are the proud owners of a Whirlpool Semi-Automatic! 🙂

    I think I should also go to the Consumer Court and get my AMC money refunded at the very least

  7. I really don’t know what’s wrong with all these companies – believe me, I have had the worst experience with LG, and Whirlpool hasn’t been much better either. After-sales service is terrible everywhere.


    Quirky Indian

    I agree, no sense of responsibility. Effin’ chalta hai attitude

  8. Two months ago I was at the stage where I hoard dirty clothes in a hamper for a month & when i seriously have nothing I repeat nothing to wear I haul ass home & get them washed.

    Now I’ve discovered the delights of the maid who is too willing to wash them & overcharge me! I love it!

    Btw… you should totally haul ass to the courts! But burning is better… might I suggest lots of laxative in their coffees & you locking the loos?
    Just a suggestion…
    The Black Widow

    You are such a delight 😀 Such creative suggestions. I love ya

  9. Do they do it to u at your country too… lol…
    it seems like India / Pakistan are the same things… but I guess they have been competitors in only worst things whatsoever…
    I loved your thought “Do they have a North Indian call centre for South Indian complaints?” … really made me laugh out for how much a person can freak out… =)


    We were one country a few decades ago Mafaque and we have the same darn chalta hai attitude

  10. My WM IFB Senorita plus model, the warranty period is going to be expired by March 2009. The WM has some problems. I am daily trying the helpline 1860 425 5678 for the past 15 days. But I am not getting the same to lodge the complaint. The WM when it is running some spark is coming from the beneth which is to be attended immediately. You may suggest what I have to do.

  11. We have an IFB washing machine for the past 17 years plus. The machine has been working without much problem so far. In the past 17 years the only problem that the WM had given was a worn out bearing, which was replaced. Nothing more than that. Now after 17 years the body has rusted and one of the legs has been damaged. I was planning to exchange the WM for a new one, but was adviced against it. I never had to be at the mercy of the IFB service centre. Thank God

  12. Looks like, i also made the wrong choice by purchasing a IFB washing machine. From day one its been vibrating while in rinse mode and we have to manually settle all the clothes for it to rinse properly !! I have lodged complaints at the customer care numbers and it took the technician 1 month to come home and decide that the washing machine is having a problem. Now i hope that we can get a replacement before the warranty period ends .

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