A visit to the temple

I visit the temple every day during Navratri.  The positive vibrations and the piety of the devout is so energising.  I also like the feeling of the “Do It Yourself” kind of thing.  While the priest is busy chanting his mantras (on the mike) the devotees do their own worship unsupervised.  Once I have done my own prayers, I like to look for her.  She is impossible to miss, you know and over the past few years its become a game with me to spot her.  She is in every temple or place of worship these days ……. ………

I am sure you would have spotted her too, every neighbourhood has one …. ….. ….

She is the one who puts brakes on the pious aspirations of every male devout.  They cant seriously atone, as she wordlessly says, “Seriously dude, there’s plenty of living and sinning to be done yet, before atoning”.  She is inappropriately dressed in clothes that are a tad too revealing for the holy temple precincts.  This time she was wearing a blue semi transparent (short v. short) kurti whose front buttons were on vacation and tight figure hugging jeans, smart goggles hung on the neck and when she knelt in front of Sheran Waali Maa, I could sense the mood of the devotees switch from “Hey Sheran Waali Maati, Teri Sada Hi Jai” to “Oye Hoye”, as the goggles and gravity did their job.

Seriously though, I do not think it was coveting, I think it was healthy appreciation for the well packaged bundle of feminine youthfulness put on display.    There was a paradigm shift in the mood of the men in the temple which was noticeable.

I think I learnt a very important lesson of life right then and there (ummm somewhere in the unbuttoned neck line of her kurti).  Life is to be lived NOW.  Religion, God, worship and moksh will happen when we are ready for it.  First we have to clear this level and graduate further.

Thank you Blue Kurti waali Menaka of our neighbourhood.


11 thoughts on “A visit to the temple

  1. This is exactly the kind of thing that happens when i visit a temple… happy to know that there are other souls on a similar frequency… happy living the today!!!

    Glad to know I am not alone 😀

  2. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
    sorry…. just imagined my mum witnessing something like this

    LOL !!!! fun times 😀

  3. I think I must visit more temples…looks like there’s a plot for a story there! 😛

    Hahahahaha I’ll go to heaven after all – I am encouraging attendance in temples. God will definitely forgive me for all that I have done in life

  4. …….and the vibes in the temple gathered a subtle / (not so subtle) intensity and the atmosphere was becoming charged. (putting words in your mouth literally)

    “….healthy appreciation for the well packaged bundle of feminine youthfulness put on display”

    hahahahahaha…………..Isn’t this also devotion??? after all (it is said) meditation happens when you lose sense of space and time and are completely in the present moment.

    Ma’am – That was a crazy, outrageously funny and an absolutely sublime observation of life. Still laughing……..

    Keep ’em coming

    Thanks Mavin. Life is a carnival and I love it – its just that

  5. nari ki upasana is the biggest upasana ,I think and jab devi khud avtarit hui ho to kya kahna …the devotees must have thanked their stars for making the trip to temple that day ..
    lollllll ritz I wonder what people must be thinkin of me when I go there once in a while ..hehehhehe tho my buttons dont go on vacations but ;)…….hahahaaaa

    Jai Ho Naari Jaati Ki Jai Ho!

  6. i was wonderin if i was readn a rong blog wen i started reaidin the post.. now i kno its my fav one for sure 🙂 YES i agree with u.. tho i’ve not experienced much of this as i seldom go to temples.. but i ve seen such motivation among temple-goers from college and school which kinda makes the place more interesting 😛

    Yeah Swarna, sure does!

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