It’s all in day’s work

6:30 am, wake up, curse the effin’ mobile which sings happily “Dil kabhi ganda, kabhi hai nek banda”, fall out of bed, walk into the bathroom door, groan, walk into various fixtures cursing a blue streak and then open eyes, look at my own reflection, (OMG I look like a hag) groan, close eyes, wash face and then feeling kind of awake, open bed room door, stumble over sleeping dogs, walk into kitchen, start breakfast and lunch, open door to let the dogs out, wake up live in servant …….. Good Morning NCR    😦

7 am, live in help takes over kitchen and I go back into the room, start doing various exercises (I hate them but I have to) while watching music channels to divert my mind from the pain of exercising … while training my ear to the going ons in the house … ahh DIL is up, good, dammit Kid#2 will get late for college, dammit Ramu should be doing the rotis by now.  I have found that if I get annoyed or tense, I exercise more vigorously – so I suspect I work myself up – so that the damn kicks reach higher and the damn moves are faster.  I work myself into a fine sweat and then feel happier with life.  Yayyy the pheromones are kicking in …..

8 am, the kids are out of the house and its time to go get shopping list ready and take a tour of the house with Ramu while giving him some instructions and then rush back into my room to get ready for office.


Me : Hello beta

DIL: Mom, you’re at home

Me: Yes beta

DIL: Mom can you please check – I think I left my diamond ring in the loo

Me : Sigh : Yes beta, am going upstairs to your loo.  I’ll keep it in my bag.  Take it from me in the night.

DIL : I’ll check up with you.  Byeee

Uff, now where was I? Oh yes, getting ready for breakfast and office.  DIL’s ring is now in my bag and I am back in the morning madness.  I’m wearing my clothes when another call comes


Me: Hello

Kid#2: Mom do you have my passport photo

Me: Yeah

Kid#2 : Mom I forgot to take it with me in the morning, can you drop one on your way to office

Me : I work in mnbbv which is North, your college is in lkjhg which is south – I cant

Kid#2 : Moooooooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmm

Me : You got a car – just go to the market and get one taken.  Takes 15 minutes

Kid#2 : Sigh

Me : Heavy Sigh!!!!!

Have breakfast and escape to work.  On the road


Me : Hello

Ex : Ritu how are you

Me : Good

Uncomfortable silence for one whole minute

Ex : I guess you are wondering why I called you

Me : Yeah ………….

Ex : Kid#1 is not answering my mails or returning my calls

Me : Okay, I’ll tell him to (mentally thinking you goddamn idiot, he’s an adult, you patronise and boss him, obviously he doesnt wanna talk to you)

Ex : Okay I’ll ring you back for a reply

Me : Do it late in the night (or dont) okay

Ex : Sigh!!!

Me : Heavier Sigh!!!!!!

12 noon while busy doing up some drafting of reports


Me : Hello

Voice : Good afternoon Madam, I am calling from Vodaphone

Me : Snarling : I dont want your product or whatever bullshit scheme you are selling

Sigh! Poor guys. Telemarketing is a terrible business. But while juggling cooking, housekeeping, being a detective, the lost and found deptt., errand runner, advisor, relationship mediator and bread earner, I simply have no time or desire to be patient with them.


11 thoughts on “It’s all in day’s work

  1. Aww… I know the grind gets terrible.
    Well, I anticipated that your first paragraph would end into “”Good Morninnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng Delhi”””””,
    a la Vidya Balan style. But Love it that you are so caring. Someone should show some sense to the EX.

    Tried it and gave up ….. he simply doesnt listen ufff! Yeah Goooooood Moorrrnningggg NCR 😀

  2. tiku:tring tring ..Ritu are you busy I need some help with my blogs..
    ritu: Sigh its ok tiks bolo .
    me :bla bla bla
    Ritu :gives some instructions ..
    me:thanks sweets
    now whats the other side of the story 😀
    thats why I prefer to sms b4 calling are such a caring person ..muah

    Hehehehehe Tikuli, its just another day in my life ….. I think that if they did not automatically ring me up, my world would go topsy turvy WTF no one needs me???? Horrrible thought! Its always a pleasure to help you dear, I mean it

  3. You are working out every day!!!! I have not gone to the gym for xxxxxx weeks…
    Sounds like a cool, cool family.
    lol@sighs and heavier sighs :)))

    I have to! I have this godawful tendency to put on weight, and have a desk job. Yeah family! totally sigh inducing LOL

  4. You get up at 6:30??? To exercise??

    Heavier Sigh (just realized i should exercise too!)

    Yes I exercise – realised late in life that either you use your body or you lose it ….. see the shiny halo around my head 😉

  5. I can sooooooo identify with your kid#2 – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve called up mom for my passport-size photos, college certificates, doctor’s prescription, IT returns, PAN card copy… the list goes on! And now that I’m in the US, mom has to run to the cybercafe next door each time I call – to fax or scan whatever I need.

    I am going to give my mom your blog link – she’ll love it! 🙂

    Do that Devaki. I have scanned copies of all their passports, visas, degrees, photos, pan cards, driving licences – all those stuffs on my computer. Its crazy – they’d misplace their heads if it wasnt attached to their bodies

  6. We just don’t realise how moms multi-task and never complain about it! Hats off to all the mammas in the world 🙂 And stop feeling guilty about the tele-caller… you were just stressed!

    Thanks D

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