Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

I have two sons and no daughter.  I felt very discriminated about this because I really wanted a girl child.  I had this burning desire in me to show my family how a girl child should be given confidence and empowered.  I had visions of how I would bring her up, how I would not be bothered if she wanted to fly kites, play marbles or climb trees along with her story book and spend time reading on the branch of a tree.  I was scolded and beaten up for doing that.   But unfortunately this was not to be.

Life happened and I have had no time to actively participate in any kind of programme but I contribute to this charity and hope it makes a difference.  I am a guardian to one girl child and fund her education.  At least it keeps one little one off the streets.  Do visit the website.


8 thoughts on “Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

  1. I also climbed a ladder resting on a a mulberry tree branch and read and wrote sitting there, …mosquitoes, ants, insects… can’t remember any!
    You know, you are showing how boys should be raised to respect girls as equally strong and equally weak individuals. 🙂

    I’ll visit that website now.

    I cant remember any either, what I do remember is eating all the fruit and staining my clothes and the pages of my book.

  2. So your unventured wishes remained as they were in your heart…. aaw so bad 🙂 … but trust me god didnt want u to spoil ur girls may be thats y he didnt blessed u with a baby girl…. hahaha
    but its v good to know that u r feeding a child… wt if everyone of us feeds one such child? i guess noone will starve and noone will be illiterate…

    Mafaque, a girl brought up by me would have been a leader, a queen. I am sure of that! I am not feeding a child, I am educating one. It is empowerment I want for women. As Isa said “Give a man a fish he eats for one day, Teach him to fish, he eats every day

  3. I too wanted a baby girl Ritu and can understand your feelings .You are really doing a great thing by educating one ..I wish more people wud come out and do it .I tought two of my mais’s dotties some years back as they had no time to go to school yet were ready to learn atleast the basics .
    BTW I was raised exactly the way you said ..Miss my dad .my partner in crime ;).

    Ahh baby girls and ribbons+frills+clips+lace+pretty+dimples+lots of love and acceptance. I swear Tiku I got cheated out of that this life

  4. I have two daughters and am proud of them……..It has been a pleasure bringing them up. The younger one is a complete “tapori” and takes great pleasure in “arm wrestling” with boys her age and beating them at it.

    Nanhi Kali is a great initiative and our company is one of the sposors.

    I already love the tapori 🙂 Yes Nanhi Kali is a great initiative

  5. I too wanted a daughter but never mind my son is cute too… may be one day i’ll adopt one daughters are so much fun as u said ribbons+frills+clips+lace+pretty+dimples+lots of love and acceptance 🙂

    Girls are fun, do that – i missed out on it

  6. Wow, my first born is a daughter and she often asks me now, if we wanted a girl or a boy as a first child. I tell her we wanted you and we got you. I really feel blessed having her.
    Blog action day is a great gesture to unite all bloggers at one platform.
    And I am proud to know you.

    Thank you Manpreet

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