No one takes me seriously … sigh!

Let me give you a folk story from North West India …..

In a remote village, a bossy woman lived with her daughter-in-law. Although her son and husband lived with them too, it’s she who held sway over the entire family. One person who was always on her radar was the daughter-in-law. Like most mothers-in-law she used to point out flaws in almost everything her daughter-in-law did. As this woman took her role so seriously this reforming activity fast became a habit. The habit brought in her the ingenuity to find faults where they were none.  Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

One day while her daughter-in-law was preparing dough for the rotis (bread made out of wheat flour), to be cooked for the dinner, she stared at her rather furiously. When the daughter-in-law reacted with a questioning expression, pat came her reply—why do you move so much while making the dough?

Now I am sure it sounds familiar

Such absolute power.  Not one daughter in law could afford to ignore that mother in law.

I got this lovely invite in the mail

I sent it promptly to the DIL (in my defence I sent it to a whole lot of people including her)

She promptly rings me up from her work place and cant speak because she’s laughing her guts out. 

“Mom, trying to become a regular mother-in-law like Lalita Pawar are you?  You can’t so forget it”

Humph!  No one takes me seriously. Sigh ……………………..


21 thoughts on “No one takes me seriously … sigh!

  1. ha ha nice invite!! yes why do u move so much while making the dough-? get a food processor!!!

    LOL or tell her that Mom you’ll get arthritis – so get yourself some exercise – you knead the damn dough!

  2. The invite was hilarious. WHoever did it has to be a really pissing types MIL.

    But Ritu, North west nu chaddo,
    we have a Punjabi equivalent too-ATTA GUN’HDI HILLDI KEON AEIN? IF YOU KNOW THE SCRIPT-HERE IS THE PUNJABI VERSION- ਆਟਾ ਗੁੰਨ੍ਹਦੀ ਹਿਲਦੀ ਕਿਉਂ ਏਂ?

    Pheww, totally Daddi MIL I swear – i dont know an English equivalent for Daddi – may be combative

  3. hee hee hee….good one. is there something similar that one can make for a mil ?

    I dont know but since MILs get bad press … I’m sure there is one 😀

  4. rotfl
    This invite is just adorable, saving a copy for my son’s wedding 🙂
    lol lol lol this is so funny.

    The other pic in the mail was a sleazy blonde wearing a wedding gown that barely covered her very ample assets! Phewww 😉

  5. So basically MIL’s are like moms….

    And btw I so totally want a daughter for the exact same reason! Gonna even name her Advitiya junior! Aj in short!
    (touch wood)


    Hope you have better luck than me – God … (must be a male version when I was begging for a daughter) refused to oblige me

  6. This is funny! Wow you sound like a cool MIL. No kneading dough for me……..sheesh what a horrible MIL in that story.

    Such a stereotypical one – but there are many of them around

  7. Es kahani ba’ad tussi sanon apnay apnay lagday ho BHAIN JEE [i dont know wt to call u… i chose sister as its a better option than mausi/auntee in terms of age ;p althu u have sons of my age…hehehe]….lol
    anyway I heard this story and the accompanied idiom a millions time from my daddi… u reminded me her…[she is no more with us :(]

    Not behenji sheesh! Call me Rituji if you want, or Madam, Ritu will also do nicely thank you. Not behenji please

  8. ROTFL [:D] RITU …. you are too much to handle ..lollllll I make it a point to start my day with your blog ..Result …smiles all day and occasional unexplained giggle which confuses many people [;)]

    A smile a day keeps bad things away
    Seriously, life is a horror but God blessed us with a sense of humour😀

  9. The shrew in full flight…….hmmm

    But shrewishness and humour do not go hand in hand. Your DIL can keep her LOL going on…..and you can keep wondering “why nobody takes me seriously”……..:-)

    and to conclude one last hahahaha………..

    Yeah, I can do Dadagiri but cant be a Shrew. Faltu ka petty bitchiness is not my cup of tea.

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  11. am gonna send it to my mom in law,she is such a sweatheart….she would be positively horrified and then have a good laugh, I did 😀

    Yeah Contentious, spread the word 😉

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