I have new shiny digs and a new friend

I am very hep and kewl now 😀

I am a netizen and own property on the internet.  Yes I am blowing my own trumpet shamelessly.  I belong to a generation that can be called B.I. (Before Internet) and am adapting nicely to the A.I. (after internet) scenario and am feeling quite proud about it.

My friend and accomplice in this entire endeavour has been Mahjabeen of Studio M.  I really admired the header that Mad Momma put up on her blog and so got in touch with Mahjabeen.  I seriously toyed with the idea of uploading a pic of Praveen Babi walking out of water as my header, but was talked out of it.  The argument my family used was creative to say the least

1. You are not Praveen Babi (I know I know)

2. You dont look good in a bikini (Yeah I know, snarl, shut the fuck up)

3. Every time you see the blog it will make you want to race to the gym and bust your ass trying to look like her (sigh! you win, who needs that kind of competition anyway)

So Mahjabeen, who patiently waited for my final instructions got together with me and we settled for a header having me weaving the web with my hands and draping it on the W, Kid#1 in a pilot get up on the runway, Kid#2 (the engineer) with his mechanical gears as a background on the top and the footer has DIL with very arty background as she is the artistic one (interior designer no less) on my web page.

A very big thank you to Mahjabeen who succesfully interpreted my airy, vague, and often incomprehensible suggestions and gave them a concrete visual format.  It has been a wonderful experience interacting with you, my dear.  I have also been enriched by knowing her, she is so polite and approachable.  My mommy would have loved you my dear and would have told me ‘Why cant you be like her?”

I have told my sons that if they dont behave, I’ll put baby pics of them in the nude or dressed in girlie frocks for all eternity on my web page!  After all Mere paas Maa …. oops sorry …. Mahjabeen hai.

I had bought my domain a month or so ago and now the domain had to be shifted on the server.  I swear it was like the final stages of pregnancy.  It took more than 24 hours for the move to be accomplished, and guess who held my hand and told me :

Take it easy Ritu and

      Inhale through your nose 2-3-4, exhale through your mouth 2-3-4.
      Make sure that you don’t do it too fast.
  • When the contractions become stronger again, and this technique doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, this is what you do:
      Hee-hee, hee-hee, hee-hee, hee-hee

Yes, it was Mahjabeen helping me every step of the way.  I truly made a new friend. 

Relax, wander about, enjoy the new digs and let me know what you think of it.  Feedback is always appreciated.

I am a big girl now, I can take it.

If I cant, I’ll just find an image of you, get Mahjabeen to photoshop it and dedicate an entire post on you.  Hehehehehe After all Mere paas Maa … hajabeen Hai


17 thoughts on “I have new shiny digs and a new friend

  1. YAYYYY!!! we did it! 🙂

    Gosh Ritu I can come running to hug and do a jumpy dance with you 😀

    😀 Am doing a victory dance, am doing a victory dance, we finally launched it, am singing a happy song Yayyyyy

  2. So at Last !!!!
    And page looks nice and cool…friendly interface.

    Great Going Ritu, Congratulations.

    Enjoy your new possession…am happy for you 🙂

    Thank you CP

  3. Awesome is the word! I looked at Mahjabeen’s website once before and she is awesome. Your ideas are cool. Love your new place. Makes me think if I should go your route…
    Meanwhile…….grab a champagne and a slice of dark chocolate cake and enjoy!

    Yeah such bliss and total indulgence deserves some more doesnt it 😛

  4. as usual I am in splits reading the post… u have an awesome sense of humor ritu 🙂

    and congrats for the new address i love the look… great job mayG….

    Thank you, thank you

  5. wowwwie!…abs hep and kewl!:-)….great job Ritu!….always enjoy visiting….and now its even fancier!!…:-)

    I wanted it to be like me … and I feel it is 🙂
    Its cool and user friendly, I am so proud of it

  6. Guru Ma 🙂 mubarakan … to party sharti ho jaye [:)]…bar te bar-be-cue ready karo ji ..
    I had been lookin forward to this and love the sabr ka phal 😀 .. awesome and your intro post is just too good .

    chak de Ritu .. You Rock
    All my ood wishes and hey when your writings get published, do not forget to send the first autographed copy to me 🙂

    Whaaaa !!! You wont buy my book? You want a free copy, that too autographed ?????? OMG, sigh! ohkay, I’ll see what I can do ………


  7. This website is so awesome! You know, when I become a popular blogger with more than 3 people visiting my space ( sigh! ) I am totally getting a Mahajabeen makeover!

    We can even have a reality web show – the before and after kinds for blogpages!

    Oh its extremely good therapy. Total indulgence

  8. Oh so that was the whole idea… yesterday when I saw ur new page for the first time i liked the weaving gal on the top coz i only cud get some idea about that… but now when u described the whole thingee… ur kid no.1 n no.2 n then D.I.L. I am loving it… it is awesome… u have some gr8 ideas n kudos to Mahj.. that shes conceived everything in so gr8 a manner.. 🙂

    in ur post… “I swear it was like the final stages of pregnancy. It took more than 24 hours for….. ” n follow on… love these lines… cant help laughing once again.. 😀
    thu i can never get the real feelings of wt it is actually but it was quite an insight…lol

    thnx for helping us all laugh a lot…


    Life is very grim if we take it seriously. I like to be irreverant and laugh about it. Our attitude defines us, not the events in the life lived. Yes Mahjabeen is very talented

  9. Good one Ritu …. so very well written! Thanks for explaining who’s who and where on your pages. Did I notice a must read titled “The Tyranny of Being a Mother in Law?” What did you expect, after relegating the poor DIL to the footer!

    LOLLL, dont put ideas into my DIL’s head. This did not occur to her mercifully

  10. Wow Ritu,
    I am so so so impressed. I am accessing the net after three days in a jungle and here I come back and am in for a shock to see Ritu moved to her own domain.
    This is great and I love your DIL here near my comment space. She is keeping a watch on what we all write.

    Hehehehehe this is so cool

  11. I was hunting for the DIL…aaah found her at the bottom, along with YOU. Great Website and user friendly….Congrats and keep soaring!!!

    Thanks Diana, Oh goody, all my pals are slowly visiting me. I am so happy

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