The power of positive thinking

How do you define a good pal – a good pal is the one who sends you a link to something so delightful as this.

Thanks Jaspal for seeing the inherent wisdom in the article even though you are male and would not know what she is talking about.

I was watching Baghban today.  I had wanted to see it when it was released but my kids would have none of that.  They did not want to be embarassed by me.  Yes, I am a softie and cry in movies.  I normally go for a weep-fest prepared with a box of tissues.  Heck I can even cry at a well presented Ram-Bharat milaap, though its such an overdone subject.  So I sat down with a towel and a huge cup of tea to watch the movie.  I wasn’t dissappointed.

What really impressed me was the quiet dignity displayed by the parents facing the changed circumstances and the realisation that their selfish and thoughtless children have no empathy or love for them.  So what did they do – they turned around the situation by fighting it and by being positive, like the girl on that public forum in front of an all male audience (in that article).

Life is not about being rich or poor, pretty or plain – life is all about attitude.  If we give up, we are finished.  We are not licked until we give up.

A Sunday well spent – a lesson revised.


8 thoughts on “The power of positive thinking

  1. uff yeah I cry every time we watch baghban! the towel was a good idea 🙂

    interesting article too.. thanks for sharing the link 🙂

    Now all that remains is that we ask the Almighty to make men also experience those 5 days of the month

  2. Yes Ritu……..that forward from Jas had me in splits..but I wonder how many males would understand it.More power to Gloria. I wonder what would happen if both men and women menstruated..would it be….mine is worse than yours ???:P

    Nah men cant get the cycles or pregnancy, you know why? …. they would delegate it 😉

  3. I got the forward too and you beat me in writing abt it .hmmm… was wondering how I shud go about it when I saw ur post ..Let the curse be on all the men ..5 days of blood donation wud do them good 🙂

    Whisper for men ..It wud be nice to see what design they come up with lollllll

    If wishes were horses ……. I would own the stable LOL

  4. First of all I love,love the new look. It’s so fresh and has a very soothing appeal to it. Bagban was a nice movie. I especially liked the last scene when the kids gets royally snubbed.
    What a brilliant article that was. I LOL’ed as I read “Yeah Man,I’m on the rag”:)

    Oh yes, that was totally something I can empathize with – pride and self worth is so important. Yeah, the article is priceless – to quote your Mastercard post hehehhehe

  5. I read the whole article by “Gloria Steinem”.
    Very interesting and very true in fact…
    Its all about the words u choose and the way u express them n u can move millions…
    Baghban is a good movie and a must-to-watch for all the kids who think that they have grown up too much.. 🙂

    Oh wow! A man who actually realises that the article has truth! I am impressed.
    I loved the movie, but my sons don’t. They think that may be I feel they will treat me like the sons in Baghban did …..

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