My little one has grown up … sigh!

Yes I know I know I know dammit – he is over 18, is in Engineering College and shaves!  But somehow he has always been my baby – and it took one helluva long time for me to even believe that he was not an infant.  It took the combined efforts of Kid#1 and DIL to shovel it into my head – Mom let go and let him fall, dust himself up and carry on without hovering over him (Thank you kids, I mean it truly), but it only started dawning on me after Kid#1 left the country for his education.  

In the last few months its been hitting me on the nut with increasing frequency

1. Mom, puhleez, I would rather you sit and I drive, your driving scares me …. Humph, considering that I drove him all over the town all his life – this was startling.

2. Mom, I have to go to college.  I might whine, I might be sick – whatever, dont let me convince you to let me stay at home.  Awww, so sweet and responsible.  Now I can cheerfully be the only brat in the house

But conversation on Saturday was too much :

Kid#2 : Ewwww, D is so annoying, he’s grossing me out

Me : What’s he done

Kid#2 : He’s in love

All three of us : Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Kid#2 : I am bored, all he can talk about is this chick, I’ll puke if I have to listen to more of it

Kid#1 : (no doubt remembering his days) Yeah so? That’s normal

Kid#2 : Its pissing off, and when they are together some part of them is touching

DIL : So?  That is how it works.  Are you jealous?

Kid#2 : Nah.  I think this chick is making a girl out of him.

Me : May be you’re feeling left out.  Get yourself some more friends.  Let him be

Kid#2 : I know all he wants to do is get laid.  But does he have to make such an ass of himself?

Me : Speechless and shocked : Splutter splutter gasp

Kid#1 : Hahahahaha Mom cant believe her baby even knows such language

Kid#2 : Oh Mom, wake up, I am a big dude now!


Sigh! Yeah my baby boy is all grown up now …..


11 thoughts on “My little one has grown up … sigh!

  1. You sound old!

    I know … if my baby’s all grown up – that’s what I’ll be sigh!!! LOLLL, nah I’ll bypass the growing old and go head first into my second childhood

  2. Lots of typos there 😦

    I hear mothers of 3-years olds say that on their blog – my son has grown up! What do they know they have some 15 years to go before that realisation will finally sink in 😉

    Yeah, little do they know …..

    I deleted the typos … so rest easy

  3. hmmm …the day my yonger one said ,”you dont let me talk to all my gals coz you cant have boyfrnds now “,I put him under the mummy curse and said wanna take a bet on that ..he said ,you are too ol for that mom you will loose.I have six of them droolin over me ..can you manage more than that ..I was speechless .
    the number was confirmed by the elderone with a smile .it was much less than his .sigh ..the good ol days …
    he has grown up but me old ..he got to be kiddin 😀

    Oh absolutely. I keep threatening to elope with my boy friend …. LOL and they keep looking at every male friend I have with great suspicion :P. No they havent decided which one of them is the ONE. I have such fun teasing them !

  4. Lolol…. Sounds so familiar. My youngest is 17 – and 4 months, as he’ll always remind me!

    They do grow up but the worries don’t cease …

    BTW, have you got him – or helped him get – his driving licence, voter ID and PAN card?

    Got him his learners, will get him his Voters in Jan, sigh! Pan Card I hadnt thought of …. sheesh why dont they marry and let the wives take over 😉

  5. lol!!! good fun for us 🙂 all is this way to far for me my little one is just 10.5 months but still I cant help myself imaging what will I do when he grows up so much… I hope I dont freak out too much 🙂

    I predict interesting times for you my friend LOL . Dont freak out too much if he pierces his ears and gets tattoos on his arms, or an Amir hair cut LOL

  6. Hi,

    Been reading you for the past few weeks and I love your style. And I love your new look too. Thought will leave you a line after all tht u went thru to get the new look!!


    Thank you very much Andy and welcome to my blog

  7. I’ll still say he sounds a bit more innocent than I was at 18 :). Good job, Ritu! At least he knows how to recognize the frustrated type – is in less danger of becoming one himself!

    Is it that, or is it that he is jealous of his friend …… hmmmm I wonder

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