Memories – a tag

Alankrita of Real Virtuality tagged me to do this one.  I am not too much into memories, since I have seen people live and relive past glories, or suffer the traumas of their past endlessly – quite forgetting that life is here and now.  Okay here goes …

This really is a trip in a Time Machine kind of thing …..

My oldest memory

I was quite a little thing … and it was a summer afternoon.  My brothers(cousins and real) and I were playing in the park at Humayun Tomb.  They decided we had to go inside the tomb – which was out of bound for us – beats me why.  Once we were inside, the elder four ran away, hid, and laughed a loud maniacal Ha Ha Ha, which scared the shit out of us (the three younger ones).  We screamed, wept and clung to each other like little baby monkeys and sat down – yeah on the gravestone.

Round one to my elder cousins!

Ten Years Ago

Oh most definitely a bad period, trying to get my divorce and trying to bring up a very out of control angry adolescent Kid#!.  The only thing good about that time was that I also enrolled along with Kid#1 for Tae Kwon Do classes for a few months and learnt how to kick some ass.

My first thought this morning

I hate mornings.  I hate getting up.  I hate office.  I hate exercise.  Ritu get up and exercise otherwise your butt wont fit into your office chair.  What do I kill, miam and cut for breakfast and lunch.  OMG I hate mornings.

If you built a time capsule, what would it contain

I dont know …. I live here and now.  I dont much care about either the past or the future.  Hmmm, my blog maybe?

This year

This year has been pretty big for me.  I built and moved into my own house.  I got promoted to General Manager.  My stories got published by the CBSE.  I started blogging in earnest.  Got my own domain.  Got Kid#2 into Engineering College with the strong feeling of “one down, one to go”  Pretty eventful.

14 years from now

Hmmmm, retired from corporate life, full fledged writer, living in a small cottage in the hills, two dogs, internet …. a very peaceful life.  Of course with the option of coming back to NCR when I get bored or if the winter is too cold.  I hope whatever I write sells – I need money for that kind of life.

I tag Itchy, IHM, Manpreet, Advitiya

Should be interesting reading other peoples trip down memory lane


10 thoughts on “Memories – a tag

  1. 🙂 you know your stuff would sell like hot cakes ..amen to that ..
    you sure had a colourful life Ritz 😀
    baby monkeys are kinda cute gonna write about them n my fav ..snakes ..
    female Ruskin Bond :)…which hill station by the way ..

    Somewhere around Dharamshala .. yeah me wannabe Female Ruskin Bond

  2. O Evil Queen

    This looks interesting. Will get down to it asap.

    Lil monkeys are cute! 🙂

    Black Widow

    Hi Black Widow … yeah get to it. Only thing is that little monkeys grow into full fledged bandars 😀

  3. Looks like every decade has been very eventful for you Ritu!…and daily positive thinking (I hate…. ) has made it healthy and spicy too….You will always achieve what you aim for…that’s for sure![:)]

    Heyyy thanks for the vote of confidence. Yes I do live life on the edge

  4. aah to the hills with a dog or two- lovely- think of Nainital and the areas around too- its a rather nice place…( shameless pitch for place of origin)

    Naini is a beautiful place …. but was thinking of someplace like McleodGanj

  5. ROTFL @ the beautiful way you wake up every morning 🙂
    ‘This year’ felt so good 🙂 Congrats and many, many more to come, until you achieve 14 years from now 🙂
    Will do this tag asap!

    Would love to read your memories

  6. Hi,
    have been away from blogging for a few days n even reading ur posts… n trust me it was like… nasha too raha tha…lol
    anyway… wt i liked till now about u that u lived ur way… u achieved the things which u wanted and just threw off those who were not needed by u or ur kids… u must b a wonderful woman and a person…

    Thank you Mafaque, life is about not quitting but its also about being loving giving and tolerant. I hope I am a winner at both aspects

  7. ritu jee just a lil correction…my name is Mudassar Afaque… :p so M in mafaque comes from Mudassar…. u can call me Afaque…:)

    P.S. This was not intended to be published 🙂

    LOLLL well it got published 😛

  8. Ohh la la!! A cottage, two dogs and internet. Sounds absolutely divine!! You’d be churning them out for us all to lap it up! 🙂
    BTW our children seem to be of almost the same ages.

    Are they? Mine are 26 and 18 respectively

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