Nee kee haal chaal hai tera?

Telephone Calls one wishes one never recieved …………………..


She : Nee kee haal chaal hai tera?

Me : I am okay Aunty

She : I heard you had an operation?

Me : Yes Aunty, but Rabbji has been kind to me.  I am recovering now.

She : Your poor parents would have been so worried.  Ek taan akeli, uton koi vadda vi nahin sir teh ……..

Me : (WTF????, my parents arent here to get worried, good for them……..)  Aunty my sons are there and they are looking after me.

She : A daughter would have done lots of sewa. Deep theatrical sigh  Daughter in laws are after all ….. you know how it is …………………. Nuh raani ton changi sewa karvana

Editor’s note : I seem to remember that this woman congratulated me for birthing two sons, and implied that if I had a daughter I would never have broken ties with ex.

Me : ?????????????

She : Give DIL the phone.  I will advise her on how to look after you properly

Me : Aunty, she is gone to work

She : How could you allow her to do that?  You mean you are alone at home? Who is looking after you?

Me : Aunty, I was advised bed-rest, not her.  Besides Kid#1 is at home today, and so is the live-in servant.

She : Deep theatrical sigh : Kee zamaana aa gaya hai.  I also went through this surgery, and both my daughter in laws were told to stay at home and look after me – for three whole months.  I tell you, your son is a total joru ka gulam.  Put your foot down immediately.

Yeah, yeah, I remember the endless bitching those poor women did, and the fights and sarcastic comments.

Me : Extra sweetly: Aunty, I have been advised bed-rest.  I cant put my foot down any where

She : There is no one to drive me to your place beta, other wise I would have come and stayed with you for some time and nursed you, Rabbji di saun

Me : I hope I hid my relief :  That is so sweet of you Aunty, but like you said, Kee zamaana aa gaya hai … sewa karwan waali kismat hi kithey meri …… sigh …………     😉

She : I will ask (her DIL#3) to bring me to your place on Sunday

Me : Hastily : I will be back in the hospital for some tests on Saturday and Sunday

Note to self : Ring up her DILs – all of them and ask them to keep her home



Some women!!!!!!


13 thoughts on “Nee kee haal chaal hai tera?

  1. Ahh punjabi aunties! I’m sure someday someone will pull a Booker due to them.

    I happen to have 4 of them! And it’s amazing how they all wear deep neck blouses which reveal practically half their bosoms and then turn around and scold us for revealing ourselves!

    Hope you’re enjoying the rest. Get well soon! 🙂

    I could write a book on them, hmmmmmm, good idea 😀

  2. hahahahaha.. sahi hai..Your DIl is really lucky to have you as a MIL.. any other MIL would have gotten totally chadhaoed by the aunty ji’s talks..n made her life miserable

    Dunno what they get out of playing these games …………

  3. I know how these aunties can behave. I have lots of them, and they offer unsolicited advice – ranging from may studies to even my future marriage!! And I’m like… WTF?????

    I know

    Advitiya’s idea is good! 🙂

    Yeah, totally inspiring 😀

  4. There are always a handful of those in every family. I try real hard to remember they mean well & make an effort to ignore the garbage they say:) Nice one!

    Hehehehe, there are plenty of them in mine

  5. Ritu,

    first time comment I think! Really admire what I know of you via your blog (yes I caught on archives!) – life would be so much pleasanter if every woman had your attitude!

    Thank you M

    Sorry to hear you had to have an operation (Actually one I am sorta looking forward to, given the alternatives :-))
    – hope you heal and recover soon. One thing I didn’t see mentioned – a compression garment…when my mother had a hysterctomy, the doctor advised that she wear one of those post-maternity/lower-back pain type belts, that compress the stomach, as that helps the healing tissue and swelling. I wore one after my C-section as well – it seems to be std. here in the US to help with post-operative swelling and to keep the bandages in place…and also helps with the everything-inside-is-going-to-fall-out feeling…

    I will check up with the doctor

    Good luck…eat chocolate! Makes the world a better place.

    Chocolate Yum!!!


    M, I still have stitches. I guess I will be told on Saturday

  6. lol Ritz thank goodness my mom dad kept all thoses nosy relatives at bay ,but i got my share from my hubby’s side ..real taste of punjab ..gosh ..har cheez tadka ya malayi mar ke lol
    they are everywhere in every community ,just that saddi panjabane kuch zyada teekhi haigi hai 😀
    TAKE CARE LOVE.. say cheers soon 🙂

    I know – mirch ka chownk comes with the territory

  7. As a kid I have fought with my mom after some such ‘auntie’ has dispensed some words of wisdom our way, you were smart and tactful 🙂

    Take care. Glad you are able to blog while resting.

    I keep reminding myself that they mean well, only their style sucks. I am weak, but can sit. This keeps me occupied. Thank you

  8. loll!!Ritu!…superb comebacks yaar!….looks like you have lots of practice…(keeping aunties at bay!)..Cheers!…keep up the good work!:-)

    I have a huge clan of them, and being the kind of person I am, my main work-out is side stepping their nosy natures. Its damn good exercise

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