Delusional Behaviour of the Grandoise Type

Do you think we are witnessing it for the past 50 years or so?  And by allowing it to continue, we are party to it and thereby equally guilty?

I am talking about this entire lopsided world view that is projected by USA and the press.

When we were younger and we watched the Hollywood movies, we had a standard joke “Every natural disaster happens in America, every space-ship containing ETs living or dead crash lands in America, and a lone American hero saves the world (ie America) the rest of the world can go crawl into caves, tail between legs.  We dont live on earth and we dont qualify any glory.”  I thought this was a rare view point.  Imagine my happiness when I saw this view reflected in Afaque’s blog.

I am not alone.  Other people also feel that we have had enough of the American World View shoved down our throats.

The population of United States is 305,596,472 and the world population 6,735, 263,685.  But if you listen to the press, and also watch the Oscars, the impression you get is totally different.  Figures obtained here

Dont get me wrong.

I think Obama is great, and the very fact that he won and will be the first Black President of USA is a commendable feat in this increasingly intolerant world.  But he is not the President of China with a population of 1,319,175,370, and still ticking, or of India which has the population of 1,131,635,897, at the time of writing this.

Why is the world view so American-centric …. or rather Caucasian centric?  

I wonder what we will have to do to stand up and be counted.

Do we also have to campaign and chant “YES WE CAN”?


8 thoughts on “Delusional Behaviour of the Grandoise Type

  1. I actually wrote about that yesterday. What we can do to stand up and be counted…

    Tell me, how many elections have you seen where people wait, common people have cried when the one they voted for got elected? I think Indian people got so excited because we have never seen such an election ever! I mean the losing party actually graciously congratulated the winner.

    Even though we like to crib about it… US of A does matter. We need their support as a developing country. We need them to keep on realizing that they are ahem uhh… less competent than Indians and need to keep outsourcing. We need them so they can chuck Russia out of the G8 and give the place for us. So on and so forth…

    So basically, we’re happy that they got over the prejudices and elected a good looking, smart & eloquent president.
    (I think we are just jealous!)

    Amen to that 😉

    That said and done, I think the world view should be adjusted and not be America centric, hum bhi hain bhaiyyo

  2. Agree with you and with Advitiya.
    When I see up close how involved the American people are in choosing their leader, it amazes me. Their process of choosing their leader is long drawn and seemingly thorough(although they get their share of Bush-like presidents every now and then). It’s a lesson we can learn, and whats wrong with learning something good?

    I admire that. They are not cynical or corrupt about it

    Also, I think the reason US is so important is that inspite of China, India and other big countries progressing a lot, US is still a world power and the goings on in the US affect the world much more than the other way around. For eg, whenever the DOW falls, world stocks tumble the next day. Although, in the new world, US’ dominance has certainly diminished.

    With the economic crisis it surely has

    Sorry for hogging your comment space but there is one last thing I want to say. Everyday, on BBC there is atleast one segment on either India or China’s economic/social/political life. SO I think we are slowly getting to a point where people ARE taking notice of us. Eventually they wont be able to ignore the power that we represent.

    Rah! Rah! YES WE CAN!

  3. yeah, even I thought why he is called the ruler of the world. India has always been causatian-centric. I think, we should learn something from Obama’s victory and end racism here.

    Aah but will the news channels and such like people get the idea?

  4. Ritu I am glad we all saw what is possible in a democracy. This election was a lesson in how elections should be fought. I have read blogs talking about how they belong to their states before they belong to India, that India is just a Union of states, another blogger thinks our Democracy has failed, maybe we need a ‘benign’ dictator and obviously he gets to decide who that benign dictator would be – in this case Modi!

    Am sure he would, snigger snigger

    We really needed to see someone who respects Gandhi (who is being misquoted by those who support violence), someone who understands that Unity, diversity and individual freedom, hard work, accountability, and someone who in these terrible times can do what everybody thought was impossible.

    We need to be socially responsible. We should be the change we wanna see. This we need to learn fm Amrika

    I agree we are Umbreeka-krazy, but this one time, it might benefit us. I wish our villages could have heard a translated version of his speech, to once again understand what Democratic leaders should be like. If America can, can’t we? Yes we can :)))[the last bit just to make you laugh]… take care.

    😀 Let us hear it for IHM and of course for Obama – YES WE CAN

  5. Ritu Jee, you know what? I dont know its co-incidence or what… but just when I started reading your this post, Star Movies has started a movie about Sub-continent’s partition… n guess what is the first scene? a British girl taking picture of a white man who is posing with a Sikh and an Indian soldier… the white officer shown soooo happy like both of the Indians are celebrities and the white man is JUST another British officer… BUT I know and you know and everybody else knows that what Britishers have been doing here in the subcontinent before partition… and now they are showing their officers posing with indian soldiers of that time…[such a propaganda to be good]… so thats where Media makes difference… they say Western Media is so free… but I ask Oh where?… its only free to project what they want…

    Oh yeah – the propoganda is relentless

    Yes we ought to reject THEIR thoughts and discontinue following them… I’m with you.

    Like Obama says YES WE CAN

  6. It is America’s hour now, like it will be some other country in the future, perhaps our own. But before that we will have to stop the petty bickering about the differences in language, dress, religion, culture… We have some way to go to stand up and be counted.

    That is true, Shail. But their propoganda and self publicity is awesome is it not?

  7. what we need to be able to say “YES WE CAN” is atleast one leader to whom we can elect and be so proud of……

    U know I share the same feeling that why is everything abt America… I sometimes go to teh extent of becoming an anti american but then as a nation it bounces back and does something to shock the world like electing Obama… and u realise that the nation is not as shollow as we imagine it to be…

    I love love to see India specially us Indians… even half as stronger than that

    We desperately need to mature and behave like a responsible electorate

  8. forgot to mention as IHM has said the blogger are indeed trying to find the Indian versions of Obama and the options coming up are Mayawati or Modi… can u beat that… So is Obama’s won only abt being back and hence compare him to the dalit we have Obama… what we need is the understanding that it is much beyond that

    I totally agree with you. We have been divided on state and caste lines for such a long time that we are not able to rise above it. Modi and Mayawati indeed

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