Pappu Paas Ho Gaya

It is such a relief.  The stitches are off, and the biopsy result shows no malignancy.  Which means I am home free.  No bad things festering inside me ………………………..

Yup I landed on my feet this time!

Wish I could dance a jig but kya karoon

Pappu Cant Dance Saala

Never mind!

I can at least celebrate by watching some intensely funny movie without being scared of laughing out loud.  I watched Karzzzzzzz  yesterday.  Yeah I know its not supposed to be a comedy, but I cant help it.  It was hilarious.  I ended up wincing and laughing at the same time …. the stitches and Himesh were painful – but my boredom and desperation were so intense.  Mujhe apne haal par rona bhi aur hasi bhi aa rahe thi

Yeah, I am not a patient patient


10 thoughts on “Pappu Paas Ho Gaya

  1. Lollll:-)…boy, am I glad Pappu Pass ho gaya!…Great News!…so what if he can’t dance saala!…he has one great attitude!….and that makes him so lovable!:-)..Cheers!

    Thank you Rashmi

  2. 😀 Am so happy for you girl .Nothing bad can fester inside you …thoz tryin will think twice
    😀 …
    what if pappu can’t dance,sala doosron ko to nacha sakta hai na
    Say cheers to that

    May God give you good health and joy… always .
    Thanks for opening a whole new world for me 🙂

    Thank you Tikuli

  3. Arrey mubarak ho! Ab toh kuch meetha ho jaaye? Where are the sweets? Bring on the booze!

    Diary Milk, Cheese and white wine as celebration … as soon as I can Pwomise

    Sorry… Diwali hangover. Also resulted in some nice weight gain.

    You watched Karzzz? You sat through the ENTIRE thing?? Oh My God! (Janice style from FRIENDS!!!)

    Total Desperation – though it was horribly hilarious

  4. you sat for karzzzzz(how many z?). Are you sure it doesnt harm your health. But yeah, I know, Himesh’s acting is quite funny.

    Take care!

    As many zzzzzzzzzzz it takes to snore I guess

  5. yipee…….. congrats…. and himeeesh… how did u manage that… i think u need to be called brave for watching Karzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rather than the surgery episode 😉

    I am overwhelmed by my own bravery Ta Ta Tan Tandooori Nights 😛

  6. Good that you have recovered but frankly I don’t like Himesh anymore. He is really painfully mundane.

    I can’t stand Himesh – so you can guage the level of my boredom and desperation

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