My timing sucks

For those who know what I am talking about …………………………..


I’d always miss the school bus, be late

When Mom got angry I’d blame fate

Mom would tell me to plead with God

To make me sleep less, escape firing squad


I never listened to her, my timing sucks

When girls were dating, I was Mommy Deluxe

I studied while cradling a son on my lap

Diaper time, Bottle time along with my exams


Now that I am much older, a Forty plusser

My timing hasn’t improved, has it buster?

I lose my ovaries and uterus, get a frozen shoulder

And discover to my amazement, I have got an admirer


Friends I think I’ll give romance a pass

Given my propensity to mistime, alas

Dating will jostle space with trips to hospitals

Wedding shopping will be clubbed with expenses dental


It will take the zing out of any romance

Why dream of scorchers and have fare bland

So sadly I’ll just leave such adventures for the youth

I can dream techicolour, but can also face the truth


15 thoughts on “My timing sucks

  1. Nahi ji nahi, there is no set rule for the timings. Go ahead hai ji, Have fun. You have always been multitasking, so do it once more.
    But it was funny and very different, as usual.

    LOL Mampi, thanks for the permission


    As I said sweetheart when you wish for something always remember your wish may come true 😀 .
    I know what you taking about ..your knight is shining armour will come baby watch out ..and 😉 for once have fun

    😉 Yeah

  3. Oh, came by after a week and look at what I missed! Love your chilled out attitude about the surgery and glad to hear that you’re recovering well.

    Thank you very much

  4. I simply love your attitude.. and giving passe to this newly found interest doesn’t suits your attitude… go ahead and have fun, now that you’re also done with your kid#1 responsiblity… but then make sure it doesn’t affect your health

    Sigh!! My timing sure does suck. The Doctor tells me to take it easy …… its tragic I cant walk up this alley and explore. No excitement for 6 months she told me, Gaah! 😛

  5. Now that the hurdles are out of the way…(ovaries/Uterus!)
    It’s definitely the time to Rock
    and be Gay!(…as in Happy!)
    Why talk of fare bland and staid
    Of health decline and Dental blues ??
    Dream on in colors of bright hues
    and keep that Sharp Wit
    always about you, Ritu!

    LOL Thank you Rashmi

  6. There’s nothing like bad timing. Because God has everything planned for us right down to the last second.

    LOL, guys please ……… this is so funny. *Running away giggling and blushing like a teenager*

  7. truth should never be a deterrent to dream. Life is all about keeping the hopes alive and surmounting the numerous obstacles thrown at you again and again and again.Yet it is the ability to dream new dreams that keeps us all going. Faith in oneself is what one should never let go and fight relentlessly against the odds thrown at one by destiny. You have to play the game with the cards that you are dealt. cheers to survival

    I agree with you there Viscount. That is totally my belief ….. it is not a belief … its a truth. Cheers to survival

  8. Well the industry has moved on and now there is better technology than Technicolor… so yeah you can dream about technicolor but go for something more techno… lol
    Chill out man… have fun…

    LOL Afaque 😛

  9. ur thoughts n attitude is younger than most teenagers i kno .. so ur timing is perfectly rite i think !

    Poor Kid#2, imagine having to deal with mushy Kid#1 and wife, and then a Mom having a romance ROFL

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