EMI : A review

EMI liya hai to chukana bhi padhega.

This is a hilarious take on the current scenario.  Banks keep ringing up and offering credit cards and easy personal and car loans.  People fall into the debt trap and then recovery agents get into the act.  The subject is topical – the four stories of the defaulters, how they take their loans, how they end up defaulting the payments – very interesting.  The father+son story is so believable (not surprising, Kulbhushan Kharbanda is a very fine actor), the young couple that plans their marriage on EMIs was very interesting – imagine planning everything, home+laptop+car+honeymoon+wedding expense totally on EMIs. Oh wow!  The other two stories were something I could not relate to – but hilarious nevertheless.  Malaika sizzles as usual and Arjun Rampal is so handsome that I can forgive him for not being plausible.  Less said about Urmila, the better – though she looked and acted better than she did in Karzzzzzzzzzz.

The movie is not sleazy – it has good clean comedy.  Sanjay Dutt as Sattar Bhai, the successful recovery agent and owner of Good Luck Recovery Agency is very amusing, but we have seen the same act time and again in his Munnabhai avatar.  He is a ruthless Bhai who wants to become a politician.  He is advised to clean up his act by people who matter.  So he starts doing Gandhigiri in his recovery agency, solving people’s problems, even falling in love with one of his loan victims.  

Sanjay Dutt shines in his role – but I think he could sleep-walk through it, his comic sense and timing is impeccable.

It is a good entertainer of the masala movie genre – but all in all I was left with a feeling of dissatisfaction.  It could have been a black comedy, a satire or even a dark dark movie with a topic like EMI.  Hmmm this was candyfloss when it could have been a tiramisu.


4 thoughts on “EMI : A review

  1. ROFL watched it yesterday night ..love sanju baba ..excellent comedy with a slight edge ..Arjun rocks as a DJ..never liked Malaika tho .too skinny .
    A laugh riot ..[:D]

    I thought it was too sweet – it could have been dark and edgy instead

  2. should’ve watched dostana instead. the first half is hillarious. i saw it yesterday. though it means now no movies until exams this dec

    Sigh!!! Not allowed to go to watch movies – have to make do with cd’s intead

  3. We went for this with zero expectations, so enjoyed it. I agree with your review in toto!

    I had no expectations too – so found it hilarious – but the act was not original

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