More proof that I have way too much time on my hands

The doctors refuse to let me join the work-force as yet.  So I am stuck at home, thank God for my laptop and the internet.  So I guess I will sit and seriously think on how to bring about world peace.  I know, I know!  I need to get myself a life!  Till then please bear with me ……

  1. Abolish religion – all religion and all churches, temples, mosques etc etc.  Build playgrounds and/or plant trees where all these things stood.  Make all the priests gardeners.  It can make them truly contribute in abolishing hunger and in greening the earth.
  2. Abolish politics – all politics.  Give all these politicians their own shows on prime time television.  They will get their celebrity-hood, and we can switch them off when we have too much of them.
  3. If they dont like that – give them roles in movies for Godssake!  Is any producer/director type listening?   It can work- all they want is name+fame+money.
  4. Put all combative types on truly blood-thirsty TV shows – you know, the blood and gore type, which can be aired really late in the night along with horror movies.
  5. I have found that the armed forces types are truly disciplined and they actually hate wars.  They can be put in charge of maintaining world peace.
  6. Some of them can also be put in charge of law and order.
  7. Let us erase borders or at least make them porous.  Free trade for all.
  8. Hardened criminals, drug dealers, perverts, rapists etc. can be sent on inter-galactic travel.  They can help humanity by exploring the universe.  As Mulder said “The truth is out there.”
  9. Conservatives/traditionalists/moralists can be sent to re-education camps.
  10. Beaurocrats can run the world – they have no charisma and so can not incite wars.  They arent exciting either or make good copy – but we will have all those new TV Programs for all that.  Small price for world peace – what say?
I leave you with this happy song – a male solution for world peace!  Do turn on the sound when you watch this – it is simply awesome 😛
I know, I know its naughty – but fun   😀

6 thoughts on “More proof that I have way too much time on my hands

  1. Oh yes, rightly put.
    You forgot to get rid of the KK-saas’s and bahus and the Mr Bajaj’s. Kuch karo ji unka bhi, find some corner on the moon for them, now that the traffic is open.
    Beautifully written, and very vividly put.

    Yeah, we could send all of ’em to some remote planet right?

  2. Whoa! Include a lil warning in there ol gal! My entire team crowded around my comp to watch.

    Hey Advitiya, I did say it was naughty! What was their reaction LOL 😛

    Interesting list btw. But have you heard that one? Power corrupts all? Wohi scene hai…

    I know, sigh!

  3. I get the general idea :]
    Agree about letting the armed forces run the world, women get dressed and attend coffee meets,and men head for the watering hole(s) … peace!e

    LOL IHM, that was a zen statement

  4. Kewl!! I’m super excited about the porous border idea… no kidding. I truly think borders have very little meaning today unless it is in terms of just some “decorative” geography… or maybe to know where rice grows or buckwheat grows or where platinum is aplenty or arsenic runs in water under the soil! Good one, Ritu.

    My heart goes out to those poor peasants who wander into India from the borders and get arrested …. or those fishermen who cross into foreign waters. Life isnt fair for them

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